How to change your WhatsApp number without losing the chats – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


WhatsApp is one of the most used apps to send messages to different parts of the world. Many times we keep the conversations that we want to keep archived, but these can be deleted if we do not know how to use the app well.

To begin, you have to play the three points that are on top to WhatsApp. Then go to the messenger's settings.

In this passage is the secret: you do not have to touch any of the options that appear but in your avatar. By doing so you will see a field with your telephone number. In this case, the one you will stop using with WhatsApp.

In the first of the following screens, you just have to play in "next". Then the option to change the number associated with the messenger is accessed. You must write the number that is abandoned and the new one.

To change your phone number from WhatsApp, follow these steps:

Enter the SIM card of your new number on your device.

Verify that your old phone number is currently linked to WhatsApp on WhatsApp> Menu button> Settings> press your profile photo.

WhatsApp> Menu button> Settings> Account> Change number.

Enter your old number in the first space.
Enter your new number in the second space.
Press OK at the top of the screen.
Check your new phone number.

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