How to choose true proof and prevent the telegraph antibiotics effects


Now in these cold winter days, we feel what we are doing; enjoy the warmth of coats, hats, sights … Tumble in the warm, smallest and snow homes, we do not come out if we are enough to go. grow and clothes. We make clothes that make us enjoyable protection as a means of attacking our body easily, eg. to kill the impact of bad weather: low temperatures, wind and snow

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Changing time causes respiratory disease, which our doctors often give us antibiotic. We all know that diarrhea occurs in every third patient. using antibiotics. Under normal terms, our patients have a good grill of vegetables and they are kept under regular control. However, antibiotics are blocking its & # 39; This balance, to kill, as well as those bad ones, and good probation pests. This causes causes to develop the disease and cause problems. So, Probiotics are always recommended for each antibioticSouth Westerly

There are around 100 people in our shops probiotic provisions, and sometimes it's hard to decide which one you choose. But, when you choose test with antibiotic, you should know that it is Bulardi is the first recommendation of a gastroenterologistSouth-west As a probiotic fungus, Bulardi is completely anti-antibiotics. So, the same man can be used simultaneously with all antibiotics.

Just one Bulardi the cells are 10 times more than cells, some of the other bacteria tests, which is why it eliminates bad bacteria and their toxins from the stream faster, better and more secure.

We learn that bacteria and organisms of organisms are alive, but it is often forgotten. If so, we need to be protected and protected longer, when there is bad weather, and that's going for probiotic cultures. Especially aware of temperature, moisture and light. Most of them are anaerobic, which are a? They mean that they also have the atmosphere of oxygen from the air. If proofing is not, they are not folded and stored properly, this has a significant impact on their effectiveness and safety.

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So when you buy one spread In the pharmacy, it is not enough to just take into account the unused number that was named on the # 39; box, but also on the own file. If we need coat, scarf and boots, there is a need for special protection for live concepts in probiotic provisions.

Company Pharm Abela We have a unique, innovative package of the one on our market; proof of stability of the probiotic product. What does that mean? Hacking technology means packing in a special bag with a gas net. This particular folder prevents the spread of potential oxygen potential, and there are additional protections to & # 39; Supplementary protection against external effects (temperature, moisture and light). Regular health checks and the number of probiotic cells can demonstrate efficiency and safety; this package.

And so, when those days are decorated to & # 39; your winter coat, go to the pharmacy for purchase Bulardi, we have enabled ourselves not only the best ones test with antibiotic, we have already provided quality, effective and safe results for ourselves and their families, in which probiotics, as efficient transport carriers, are completely protected. Just like in the best winter coat.

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