How to compensate for floods caused by Typhoon Usagi?


The company has a & # 39; Estimates that the damage can be ten billion but most of it can be; compensating for cars because there is almost as much motor insurance.

How do you know how to put down a tower of water? Start marketing marketing marketing, & # 39; sale of insurance type … & terrorism & # 39;

On the afternoon of November 25, despite the weakening into tropical disorders when they were in a position; entering the mainland, the Hurricane Usagi circulation caused heavy rainfall. The wet weather with the most current current in Ho Chi Minh City, many areas in the lowland land that have sunk into the sea. Not just a motorcycle, cars will die in the streets but in high buildings, a tunnel also parkes a & # 39; fall.

So, according to insurance agents, the Number 9 storm is not a small insurance market. Initial statistics, motor vehicles must be damaged up to ten billion. A fast car worth more than $ 100,000 was responsible for around 20% of the total number of vehicles covered in this campaign, where it is not attacked.

Especially in the case of the damaged motorcycle, insurance products already exist on market. "However, many people do not buy this type of insurance, so almost their company does not provide insurance for motorcycle insurance for motorcycle," said a business leader .

In the morning today, according to the rapid report of the mechanical and hydro-electric center, there is still heavy rainfall in Zone 7 HCMC. As a result, insurers said the number was increasing.

Since yesterday, employees need to know most insurance companies to 24/24 so that they can obtain information from a proprietor; car. In addition, they came to the position to guide the owner of their original medicine plan.

By the end of November 26th, the Long Bay Insurance Company received support and 34 help for consumers who were severely disadvantaged, most of whom were connected to the status of the cars on the stream. A team of more than 30 company assessors in HCMC must work continuously to support customers.

How do you know how to put down a tower of water?
The pump was dropped down to the pit to remove pump, save cars and the building was flooded by a 5-hole Ho Chi Minh Town. Photograph: Fàsan

The company works closely with its company. Vehicle survey garage for users to see if the vehicle is flooded to clean or flood the machine (which flows water into the airplane) . If you're flooding and & # 39; cleaning, the average costs of millions to several dozens of millions will also increase the heavier floods of heavier and the line. The normal price for paying more than one billion.

A PVI Insurance representative stated that he had received over 87 cases of damage due to his / her absence; harm. In particular, most of the issues were flooded and needed to be cleaned, although the number of vehicles was very low. The normal price that pays about 4 billion first.

According to the PVI representative, last night, the company has had many issues of vehicle damage, staff must be regularly inspected to the place or through the telephone directors. But the big obstacle is too much of the cars that were damaged and so the rescue carriage does not go to it; meet enough, due to lack of size, due to flooding. So many passenger carriages need to be off the road all night and to reach this maid to a garage for inspection and repair. "So increase the number of injuries when more vehicles will be explored," he said. The company is committed to & # 39; pay their maximum price within 15 days after the user terminates their & # 39; course

At the same time, according to the PTI Insurance statistics, only from 20h – 24h, the company has received nearly 100 calls to contact the buyers of vehicles that were swept in the City of Ho Chi Minh. On average, each assessor must provide support for clients 3 – 5.

Mr Tuan, an PTI assessor at HCM City, said the roads were flooded over their knees, making it difficult to move. Many of the examiners will die because they are going to die; go into the deep place and they must go home to attend a supportive view.

As a result of the number of requests; was damaged by the help of carcasses, so Tuan said, the rescue vehicles are not even running full of service capacity. Many of our vehicles need to be placed in high residential or high parking areas waiting to be trapped into the dam for depression. In some cases, customers can not be found in deep areas by catching floods. PTI analysts have also been asking customers to manage the basic steps, and # 39; cleaning his vehicle to avoid loss. heavier.

Mr Vu Xuan Thuong – Deputy Director of the PTI Motor Vehicle said, as a result of the large number of customers who call the system, after 12 noon, still the competitors need to compete with the country to support customers.

Information from the Liberty Insurance Company also said the unit needed 66 cases of car owners, and with 54 vehicles due to floods, the rest is another reason.

PTI representatives said most users know that the floods have a " adversely affects the car, and # 39; reducing commercial value of car. So, its company has a & # 39; recommend that users avoid their & # 39; go into the underwater place and if you go into the place with water the change must change and will not be repeated again. Do not open a door to a vehicle to prevent damage to inside and control boxes; send a car to high places and contact the & # 39; rescue carriage.

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