How to create your waves on WhatsApp


The message request For smartphones today is more susceptible, the technology is updated and updated develop your platform for its users.

About the BBC It has images, videos, voice notes and even lively gifs that engage in customer conversation to do more dynamic and fun The knowledge in the message application.

Message 10 years In the market it does not stopping upgrading the platform and including a variety of content, WhatsApp has recently launched its new line Sticks or stickers to add fun to your camera.

The stickers In the application they are being redistributed and do not provide a truce to be changed, however, there are ways in which the users can change; edit and create their own stickers with a picture or photograph.

Because the number is stickers what About the BBC Very little, technological experts have developed their own apps to create personal staggers.

Now you know how to create your own stamps to bring a fun link to your chat WhatsApp:

Director of Marc The name of the application is to be downloaded via the Google Play store to connect with WhatsApp and then create the Stories.

After downloading Director of Marc Its first step is to create a new storyteller, select its title and name an author or creator to & # 39; new package.

The Maritime State application allows the user to create packages in an unlimited way, for this we need to select the picture or the image and drag it with us; The branch of the contract we want to draw and convert.

The next step is to add at least 3 stickers in the application pack and then press "Add to WhatsApp", The Ready! We can start to create.

Until now, any type of picture or picture can be used to create the stickers because it is not in without dying in relation to the criminal content which are the images used to create the stickers.

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