How to Develop a Smallhouse on the Spanish Station? – VIVA


LIVE – The life of the astronauts of the International Speech Center or ISS is definitely different from what's on the mainland. Due to the lack of deep loss, all actions are different from those made on Earth, including issues related to the restaurant or toilet.

With unobtrusive environment, do not think about the little house at the station as we see here. The toilet has a special design at the station.

Marked from the site UbergizmoOn Sunday, February 10, 2019, ISS cottages are not usually the kind we see on Earth. The most recent cottage on the ISS was added to the Endeavor corridor in 2008. This cottage was replaced by the old version of the non-working house.

Due to its unique design, the cost is to make toilets in the place; reaching US $ 19 million or around Rp265 billion.

The station toilets work in particular to protect human waste. The astronauts' stool is not just thrown into the space, but they are brought back to land with a cargo, the angels will be burned before they return to the ground.

Although urine is recycled to return to water for ISS residents. The United States Spaniards said that ISS toilets could be pouring near two water cavities inside the toilet.

If on the ground that does not have a small problem in a toilet, they only need pipes to handle it, but it is different from the toilet in the space. The ISS team needs to cleanse dirt by using their fingers when they need to go back.

In a video uploaded by the CoconutScienceLab YouTube account, you can see how astronomers use toilets in the place.

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