How to get 1 year of Nintendo Switch is free


Prime Twitch and Nintendo I have just advertised which might be of interest to you, a full year of it Nintendo Switch Online free! Don't be reluctant to read our view of the service Nintendo Switch Onlineit may also interest you.

To get your free year, it's not very complicated, you have to be a memberAmazon Prime. You get back first First 3 months. And then, after 60 days, you'll get past it 9 months remaining. You will follow us so far? Yes? Great!

It starts here:

You first need to connect your account Twitch (Bonus) to your account Nintendo. Once done, you will be asked to provide a payment for automatic renewal (which you can take back later). They appear 7,90 € each month, but nothing goes. This is a warrant for knowing that you are no longer a member of Amazon Prime / Twitch Prime. We remember this only work on Nintendo accounts for individual accounts, and not for household accounts.

To unsubscribe from it Switch Online :

To disclose his payment method:

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