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In order to lose weight, an Australian nutritioner recommends not to have a " reject your favorite materials, but replace other recipes that are also useful for your health.

The Australian nutrition Jessica Sepel has made a choice other than a big food full of calories, reporting on the Daily Daily Video.

Initially, she advises to & # 39; replacing the traditional center of his boiled pizza. Then, instead of a high calorie pasta made from a flower, Australia is offering to; using chopped crops to a beautiful, as well as pasta made from peat, quinoa, red or red beans.

Apart from that, according to Jessica Sepel, almain may have a milk to & # 39; Put tea tea and be a pleasure to sleep before it.

Finally, share the nutrition of a fresh ice cream that would be useful for health. Banana, frozen, milk almonds, small salt salt, cinnamon and maple seer should be blended into a heat machine so that the uniformity of the ice cream is consistent. .

In a decision, Jessica Sepel said that a snapshot made would be a good home for the materials that were bought for those who want to lose weight. And as alcohol also affects a large body, for a sweetheart of wine, recommend that organic vines be replaced instead of those created for large market.

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