How to make gravy for Thanksgiving


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The Thanksgiving fishing is cooked to perfection, but when it comes down to make a laugh, many people are unsure how they make stones that are not full of a tree, wild hips.

However, it's amazingly easy – in the right way.

The mystery is to make a lost lost gravy & # 39; Combining rich enough of the Turkish with roux, a tin that is used to make cucumbers. Rust is made with a 1-1 ratio of flour to braille, such as butter, for example. Grains can often be lumpy when the flower is not spread fairly in the lion.

Send & # 39; meal with coats and takes time to do it, which will slowly enter into the pockets to make the pneumatic thick and thicker , instead of being & # 39; split into lumps. One courtyard of mines and similar parts can dry about 1½ to 2 cups of gravy, depending on how tough or so delicious. it is.

How to do gravy

  • 1. Apply the Turkmen.

Remove the Turkish cook from the roasting wall. Submit the stoves to the stove over a fairly high heat. To protect the bag, add 4 cups of chicken broth or wine into the pockets in the pan. Take the mixture to get cold, and move frequently to break up the brown pieces. Check the diminished scales in a sput cup. Lòch out of the fat that is fixed on the top of the rods, and keep it back for the next step.

Gravy in Turkey

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The most important thing is to make roux a & # 39; Start using the same parts of cars and flowers. For the fat, use butter if the oil from the top of the pancake is not available.

In heavy tubes, 4 tablespoons dropped over butter in central heating. No, heat 4 flavors of oil from the top of the pancakes. By using a sponge or a wooden spoon, add spiritually or stir 4 pan panels into the melted butter or the oil, so that the flour is full of flour. Cook the roux, consistently carried out, so that the smell and flavor of the man are away.

Roast Castilian Turkey and Gravy

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  • 3. Join the panel and roux switches together.

Start started to & # 39; putting the earrings that dance to the roux, still have a & # 39; grow strongly to put them in full. Burn until the gravy dries a bit. Rinse the cloth for a taste of salt and pepper. If something was followed by it and there are any lumps, the split is spilled through a sieve to remove the unwanted elements.

Now just add the turkey on the shell and serve it with a beautiful sword!


Do you want to make roux? Melissa Clark was the author of a food writer and a cooking book specially designed to make a house flavor as the real contract.

"You can do a doctor with hammers and make it a taste by adding turkey drovers," Clark said to TODAY Food. "Just add the adhesive roasting pack on the heat, split the brown bitan – you can add small water, wine or whip if they are seriously – and bring you cold. [the mixture] into the ready edition. It's a great deal to add to the taste. "

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