How to move the cursor in the text with your mobile keyboard


A more serious move with a & # 39; keyboard than to have an impact on the screen, but many users are not aware that this trick is in

One of the things that are considered is known, but for many people it is surprising. He met Krissy Brierre-Davis: he was surprised by a tweet that he had been able to move the cursor (instead of the text where we can insert new characters or delete others) by keeping down the space, and the other option of the text with your finger and bet to place the right place between two characters, or move your finger over the text to run the cursor. Do with the keyboard? Twitter was crazy.

The trick for the cursor is not moved inside the text with a new keyboard, but as it is; In many situations, it is a trick that forgetting a lot is because other options are more visible, such as a & # 39; affecting the text on the screen itself (although it is more inconsistent).

Can you do something like this on Android? Yes, but it is the responsibility of the cursor that has been evaluated: it does not. Most of the things that come with her & # 39; to phone, but
Gboard, the Google keyboard, do, and the same (move your finger to the keyboard). Other,
Like Swiftkey, they let you add control arrows to the keyboard. In Android, as in iOS, you can also move the cursor by moving your finger over the text, even though its "drop" cursor to make the move easier than instead of moving.

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