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Moving telephony

A Carrier and Asociados survey shows how the smartphone brands are rated according to the number of units issued

Year 2018 "lives in history as a year to neglect the moving boundary section." The "acceleration of" pain "was added to the acceleration of the inflation that it created to become a" explosive mix "for its inflation; This market, according to analysis with the Carrier and Asociados Advisers.

According to this research office's survey, "it is normal for a product that has a high cost in a dollar, regardless of the product that comes directly from abroad (iPhone case) or if it is made in Tierra del Fuego (most of the equipment sold in the country), where the local currency costs are added to the parts in foreign currency such as due to high inflation and raising rate levels (which will affect the financial cost) ".

For Behavior, its year started with trends similar to 2017, although there was a bit higher in units, a situation that lasted until May, when acceleration began to expand; valuation process.

So on that month the number of invitations to & # 39; falling, which will be clear from August, when the dollar value goes on to jump.

"This falls to the end of the year, traditionally with more sales and that includes a strong and challenging date on demand, such as Mother's Day and year-end holidays, expecting a year-long expectancy of 8.5 million units This book, compared to 10.8 million in 2017, which expects year-on-year drop in units with at least 21%, "said the report.

In terms of the messages, according to this analysis, it is clear that this year's impact was not similar to everyone, who came into the strategies adopted by each person ":

* Samsung continues to & # 39; Guiding in vessels, with 54% of the total, but with a 16% drop in the first three quarters of the year compared to the same period of 2017.

* Motorola reaches second place in participation (with 23%) to grow in units of 102%.

* LG (8%) ranges from 2 to 3 places in participation, while 54% fell.

* Huawei is still in the 4th but its 52% fall.

The data is colorful, according to their behavior Apple, despite being priced in Argentina "has a huge impact on its" expense expense, "and" # 39; Increasing the measurement with 284% and has a 6% market share although it is very low, near Sony, on 5th.

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