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Science says that the older ones get, the tougher and thinner are the bones that make them open to many illnesses, which need special care to protect them from interruption.

Fortunately, someone can take action to stop osteoporosis and stop it from breaking down, according to advice from doctors at the Cleveland Clinic in the United States. T

Eat vegetables

Vegetables are the best source of vitamin C, which develops bone bones. Several studies have shown that vegetables help to expand bones with the miners needed for strengthening them.

Energy exercises

Exercise physical activity, ie a focus on some articles, is particularly important for those suffering from imperfection in low limbs, such as knees or bowls.

Biotamain D.

To help absorb, most adults need 1,000 to 2,000 units of vitamin D every day. As calcium pills and vitamin D don't meet this requirement, doctors know the sun.

Weight mouse

Exercises weigh are among the best exercises for building and most efficient bones, but these weights should be limited. It is recommended that you are a good mentor or trainer aware of the health of the trainer.

Don't smoke

There is a lack of bone associated with smoking and drinking alcohol. If you are smoking, look for a program to help you with # 39; leaving smoking that adversely affects your bones.

Survey density

Doctors can get x-rays quickly to make sure there is an overall density of bone. This test helps find out what the risk is from osteoporosis and the fracture.

Take cures

Women and men with chronic osteoporosis can take large remedies to prevent serious injuries, particularly in the spine and dorsal bones. Consult your doctor.

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