How to solve the challenges of the 14 days


Fortnite surprised us with 14 Days of Fortnite, a Christmas event where we get new awards and good every day. In this case, it is a toy; which is based on a snowball. The closing is today, but we show you what other 13 were you; and how to solve them.

Challenge 1

The first challenge for the 14 Days of Fortnite was very simple, since everything has been done; you need to do to enter a Creative Mod to & # 39; game and by doing so the prize was locked.

In completing the challenge, the spell players found the "GG Ornament". This split is part of the "GG" classic that means a good game (good game), which is a appear on Christmas as those who carry the trees to represent the holidays.

Challenge 2

The second challenge was to visit two of the four big Christmas cans added to her; map in the 7.10 update, which describes the fèisean.

These large cans are spread across the map in four different locations: one on the Aullante Alameda, another is west of Latvian Latvia, one on the right side of the Picados Flats and its A & # 39; others north of the Arctic Aerodrome.

Challenge 3

In this case, it is a toy; which is based on a snowball. To achieve this, you need to do everything you need to make a good friend and play three games with friends in any of the Fortnite game modes, whether it's Battle Royale, Save the World or events limited time.

Once you have to & # 39; Fill the three games with friends, the prize will be opened automatically and you can say.

Challenge 4

The fourth event is very special, since although it is easy to achieve the requirement has completed a day 3 challenge to take part.

It is about catching enemies with snow bars, which can be found after completing a day challenge 3. You need to do it in four different games to achieve the challenge. Although there are two or two to remember: this is the first one if your enemy fails from a wide range, do not add to your progress in the resolution. And the other is that you can take a look at the previous bugs to get the bus to hit the snow effects and challenge it to the opponents.

In terms of the prize, you can get emoji from a snowman, and you can arrange it to show it during the games.

Challenge 5

To finish the fifth day of a 14-day Fortnite event, you have to go through 5 gold rings with X-4 Alatormenta! Every day Fortnite's challenges increase the number, this trip will have five walks that you need to pack with the Alatormenta, which also includes represents its first challenge with its & # 39; new air carriage in the game.

You can know about the circles below, the challenge is very similar to the one that has to be completed once but when it dropped from the bus to the map and its # 39; go through. If you meet this challenge, we will be able to get Combat Garland for their game.

Challenge 6

In a consistent way it is about finding 6 nests of shingles on the shore to & # 39; map. Although a large number of nests are available, just by six, the challenge will be saved and we can choose to give them an award.

Below, we will leave a map that was made by the Installations of Gna.Fortnite where you can see the status of all the nests.

The challenge can be filled in a number of games, but remember that your progress will only be saved when you complete the games without leaving.

Challenge 7

The 14th challenge of the 14 Days Fortnite event is to use seven boogie gifts or bombs in the games. The gifts for the game came to the 7.10 update, the first one of the boogie season and bombs is quite common in a ghost.

The gifts also appear in the same way and by throwing them, they can be ruined for what they are doing; In addition, members of weapons are incredible and great weapons for their game. Places like Lòchran Picados, Arctic Aerodrome and Ostentatious Oasis have a huge collection of gifts and so they should be your main choices when it comes to launching the bus.

Once you're & # 39; Using 7 glittering bombs and presents, you can fill the challenge unfairly and get an award on the seventh day of the event: backup your backbone, which looks like eel cooking.

Challenge 8

We will return to the simple challenges in the 14 days of Fortnite event. To complete the eighth day's intention you must destroy with eight weapons. In doing this, you will get a "Take The L" dance, or at least a difference, at Christmas time.

The most straightforward way to complete the event is to enter the MTM Team Scrimmage (Limited Time Mode) and help it to arm, burn and release after use.

As a reward you will find the "Take The Elf" dance, which is equivalent to "Take The L" but with a pillow, a clear account of Christmas.

Challenge 9

The challenge of this event is to dance in front of nine different, scattered Christmas trees throughout the island.

Finding a tree and its # 39; Dance in your front enough to make progress in the day's mission. If you do not know where to find the trees we leave this map below where you can see where they are:

When you complete the challenge, you will get a flag with a snowball, shown in the following picture.

Challenge 10

It is about caring games in different places. To respond to the event, you need to do it in 10 different places.

The best option recommended to achieve the challenge is to take Quad and its & # 39; crossing the map to # 39; performing games in the designated places. You can fill the challenge in the same game if you go on a trip, although not essential.

However, remember in the places where you played games so that they do not repeat them in the following games. The Quads appear throughout its " map, especially in garages. Also, keep in mind that you need a proper fall to count on the progress. If you dropped 2 wheels or hit anything, it will not be counted.

When performing games in ten different places you will receive the 10th event of the event: Christmas Wreath Graffiti.

Challenge 11

At this time your intention is to thank a bus driver 11 times! It is true that each challenge has the same number of objectives as it is delivered, but with this challenge many games need to be played.

It's very simple, if you play on the Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox One at Fortnite you must only take the bottom arrow of the cross command until you jump to thank the tour. If you have a PC on the platform, press B will welcome the driver.

When you achieve this goal, you will find one of the best benefits to date: Frozen Pizza new and new. Remember that you need to complete the game (hit or not be banned), your progress will not be counted if you leave the game.

Challenge 12

Destroy snowflake 12, found in different locations on the map.

Snowflakes can be found mostly in Vivaracho Vivaracho, Cutlery flowers, Señorío de la Sal, Ciudad Comercio, Underground Socavón, Placentero Park and Ostentatious Oasis. Although not the only places where they are found, there are decorations across all areas of the map, which are the places where the highest level of decoration is.

By bringing 12 the snowballs to go; You need to destroy it, Picados Flats is the best place, with more than 20 decorations, to complete the challenge in one game. However, the challenge is so big that it is probably the most expensive place on the map.

Many of the decorations are turned on a steep, although others have to do it, because they are the only way to reach them.

The prize is to destroy the snow decorations, fairly, emoji snowflake!

Challenge 14

The half-day day of the 14 Days event of Fortnite is here, and thereupon a new challenge has been achieved. Since 13 days passed from the start of the event, today you have to put three tools on a creative island.

The challenge is not difficult, by coming into a new creative way to & # 39; game and send fifteen items on the island, it's enough to complete the trip. Once you've done it, you will receive a Disco clipboard as a reward.

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