How to stay longer: Make sure you make these four things in 2019 to stay healthy and healthy


This new year allows people to set targets and goals for what they are going to achieve in the coming year, many of which are related to their health.

Your case will help you make these four things throughout the year to lead you to a healthier life.

Eat fair food

"Eat healthy, healthy eating is an important part of maintaining good health, and it can help you to feel better for you," said the NHS.

As part of a balanced diet, health experts will be eating a wide variety of foods in some divisions.

This includes five proportions of fruit and vegetables every day, some milk or milk choice, some beans, cuisine, fish, eggs, meat and other protein, potatoes such as potato, bread, rice no pasta, and some unsaturated oil Post-

Cut saturated fat and high sugar and drink foods and drinks over 14 alcohol units per week.


Health officers will be able to consult them; doing both aerobic exercise and strength every week.

For adults aged 19 to 64, this could include 150 minutes of medium aerobic or 75 minutes of activity of energy and strength exercise at least two days.

There are examples of central emergency activity that includes cycling and walking quickly, long & A strong aging activity includes items such as running or tennis.

Get enough sleep

According to the NHS, most of its needs; adults around eight hours of night sleep.

You can not get enough sleeping can not only make you tired and stubborn, but it can also reduce the rationing and yield, and Increasing the risk of poor health problems.

"Regular poor sleeping is at the risk of serious medical illnesses, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes – and it improves your life expectancy , "said the NHS.

"It's now clear night sleeping is essential for a long and healthy life."

Stop smoking

Smoking was detected to pose the risk of receiving a stroke, and # 39; developing heart disease and certain cancer.

According to the NHS, half of the long-term smokers will soon die from diseases that are ill, related to smoking, but people who eliminate smoking with 30 years of age can be added to their lives, and will stop smoking over 60 years.

"It's never been too late to benefit from a stop. By getting free from smoky not just adding years to your life, but also it & # 39 ; greatly improve your chances of anxiety, mobility, an elderly age, "said the NHS.

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