How to view the new Borders will appear at a Gearbox PAX event


After years of teases, it is finally happening: the new place The Border trailer is here and Gearbox Software's plans are showing us more about today's PAX exhibition. The studio has been retrieving a package of receptions for staged performances in Boston for weeks and you will find it right here when it starts at 11m PDT / 2f. EDT / 6f. the channel.

Although there is no real gameplay, the Borderlands Industry broke out in a few secret messages: One for Shift content in the Borders 2 and another man advising audiences "Count the Sirens". We are going to learn a lot more during the Gearbox high-level show, including (with hope) the first scene we were waiting for a new game on Borderlands. Yes, I know the game is just getting officially Today, but it feels that Gearbox has been talking about it in some way for about 5,000 years.

Gearbox has also been busy on several other projects over recent weeks, including some of them something strange robot. Some may be 'internal games' games, but it looks likely that many of the Gearbox games come from the growing image. That side of the business helped to provide us with games We're a bit happy and the new Homeworld titles in the last few years so it should be interesting to see these even ones (even though they had to share a game with one of the top tens of the decade's experience). was over).

As long as you are waiting, take a look at it 20 things you lost in the new Borderlands trailer, or see this video clip on your many privacy.

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