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Google warned of the Windows 7 bug that may be trying to control its computer.

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Apparently voters make a statement of how vulnerable the Windows 7 system is by mixing the sack of error found in the Chrome browser. This is also the main reason Gugl warned of the dangerous deficiency for Windows.

Shortly after your error was found in Chrome, a bit was removed to remove the problem. Microsoft noted on the other hand that it works to resolve problems in Windows 7's operating system. The sack in the operating system was the part that ensures that the programs don't communicate outside their own applications, reporting

Hackers were badly damaged by Windows 7 along with Chrome's error by transferring the malicious code into the system. The original browser cookies in the browser were found on 1 March, after which Google allowed the Chrome update to close this security block.

Google engineer Justin Sukh warned users that they need to update the Chrome browser and restart the system to bring it up to date. But, it was recently discovered that this bag was being used with a Windows 7 security flame.

Unlocking Windows 7 bag – Windows 10?

Google experts first noticed this error in a Windows 7 32-bit operating system. They also recommend that the most effective solution moves to Windows 10. This proposal is for many Windows 7 users that is unacceptable as a result of fear of the risk of vulnerable risk. However, Windows 7 also has weaknesses and targets are frequently targeted.

And although Google responded quickly, Microsoft did not provide a more precise date for it to let Windows 7 windows into. The company says the solution will "go as quickly as possible". Although Windows 7 is a 10 year old operating system, it 's not yet millions of devices. It has recently been announced that it will stop (free) updates to the system after 2020. This means that users should have access to a Windows 7 bag.

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