How useful is vitamin D tablet?


In recent years, the D disease is convicted to a widespread disease. With vitamin D developments, the deficiency was named as a fight, in cakes throughout Switzerland, floods and records were sold. Now it appears that vitamin D in many preparations is too high and you can poison yourself.

During the winter, Vitamin D's theme on everyone's lips – to literacy. A deficiency of solar photommon was considered as dangerous: obesity can cause osteoporosis, heart disease and even cancer. The main source of the vitamin is a sun. As most of the population do not spend the summer in the sun and protect themselves with sunbeds, the body can not store it; collect a vitamin for winter.

What does vitamin D always do?

Now, a number of checks have been questioned about the amount around it; It is clear that vitamin D is important for calcium and phosphates. So, it has an important role in the management of bone material. Because many of the members of their body have vitamin D receptors, it is & # 39; They also recommend that they also help with independent illnesses such as asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, and complex splerosis. Besides, the opinion is that there is a low level of vitamin D in many diseases.

The International Institute for Solucionating Lion Research has now proven to prove these assumptions and found that there is a daily impact of 10 to 20 micrograms of vitamin D on diseases that do not affect the bones. Most respiratory and respiratory respiratory disease, which have been treated well with this medicine – but not enough for vitamin D is recommended as a defensive.

What are the disadvantages of vitamin D?

The catastrophic effects already have been triggered; in vitamin D: in Germany, there are a number of cases of vitamin D poisoning due to the excessive multiplication of vitamin D folks already known. Because vitamin D is baited and can not be split into the sound, a pre-introduction of the vitamin is a; brought to poisonous egg. Uppsala University's research in Sweden has also found out that vitamin D levels are too high and low relative to a greater risk of cancer deaths.

The feminine provisions are restarted

A study by Öko-Test has now shown how you overlap a diet of vitamin D – so you can allergic. To this end, Ökotest has tested on the content of vitamin D content 21 of Domomam D, five of which are countermeasurable medicines and 16 typical foods. The recommendation from the Federal Risk Assessment Institute (BfR) of 20 micrograms of binneam per daily dose was praised. The coherent decision: most of the protection elevations are higher than the daily allowance that is being spent; praised. Four have eight high levels, four of which reach a height of 25 micrograms, and four are significantly higher than up to 42.5 micrograms. But all the drugs were in the green.

As you recognize vitamin content D

The risk is a dangerous risk in the strategic use of; Vitamin D is without use. Therefore, the prevention measures against bone loss and other skeletal diseases should be carried out immediately after consultation with a specialist. Common disorders, tiredness, bones, loss of hair, as well as ridge, muscles and bone pain and whole healing are poor as classical signs of diabetes D. If you are thinking there is a deficiency, the values ​​should first be professionally certified and be treated in consultation with a doctor.

You need to know about the lack of vitimin D

Omega 3 in a capsule


Vitamal D is also available as phill.

In winter, many suffer from a vitamin content D. Not surprisingly, the person includes a & # 39; Most of the important foxes through the solar ray.

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How do you stop naturally lacking vitamins?

In the summer, you should constantly sink for 5 to 25 minutes depending on your skin type. Vitamin D is then stored in the food and served as a reserve for months to eat; winter without winter. Vitamal D is also found in salmon, herring and mackerel, as well as fewer numbers of butter, egg rash and medal poison.

What can one do with a lack of vitamin D?

From October to March our sun is too weak in latitudes. We know that vitamin D is important. This is created by sunshine on her & # 39; skin. Many diseases, from cold to canine, are associated with vitamin D content. In the summer months, about half of the population is given by vitamin D – even though there are 30 nanograms per milleniter of blood are considered sufficiently.

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