How was Stan Lee reappointed by Timely Comics?


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Stan Lee was employed by Timely Comics without knowing that he was related to the proprietor Marvel, Martin Goodman


It seems to be

In 1939, Martin Goodman, who had been publishing paper magazines from the early 1930s, introduced for the publication of comic books. At the time, what did you do as a new publisher for a comic rather than a & # 39; employing writers and artists yourself, you would contract "Studio Packaging" that the comic book would compile and then you would just announce it.

Goodman's first comics, Marvel Comics # 1, was packed by Funnies, Inc., featuring artists of Bill Everett and Carl Burgos on staffing as writers / artists and Joe Simon as writer / editor.

It was very sad; at Marvel Comics # 1. We talk about a million copies sold out of their first issue!

Goodman was all inside comics now, so he did not want to buy it from a pack more, so he left Joe Simon to be a Editor on a head called Timely Comics today.

In the late 1940s, Simon and one of Simon's artists created the new company, Jack Kirby, American Comics Captain, who was aware …

However, Simon and Kirby have been divided by Goodman after about a year, over financial conflicts. Goodman Stan Lee's staff put up the position of the new Actor and Lee then aged 19 as the Marvel Editor until Lee was promoted to an Publisher in 1972 (Lee gave her a long while & # 39 as he was in the Army during World War II. I wrote about Marvel's interim editor at this time here).

How, however, did Lee get his job?

In a big interview with Kenneth Plume at IGN, Lee remembered how he was appointed and promoted …

PLUME: If you could introduce, what preface did you have to enter the funny business?

LEE: Well, I put in to work in a publishing company … I did not know that they were publishing comics. I was new from school, and I wanted to get into the publishing industry, I can. There was an advertisement in the document, "Required Assistant in Publishing House." When I found out that they wanted to help me in comics, I thought, "Well, I'll leave here some time and get a little bit of knowledge, and then I get out to the real world." In those days, it was unlikely to be the comics of the type of field that anyone would like to do. These are the full base of the whole pole. There was no respect for comics books in those days.

PLUME: So yes, yes, the 40s early?

LEE: It was either in 1939 or 40 when I started … I can not find out what year there was; there.

PLUME: You described it as a temporary profession …

LEE: I thought it was at the time …

PLUME: So what were your goals at the time just?

LEE: I just wanted to find out, "What do you do in a publishing company?" How do you write … How do you publish? I was a helper. There were two there, known as Joe Simon and Jack Kirby – Joe as a type of editor / artist / writer, and b. Jack is the artist / writer. Joe is the first member. They were going to & # 39; most of the artwork. Then the publisher, Martin Goodman … And that was about the same staff I was involved. After a while, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby left. I was 17 years old, and Martin Goodman said to me, "Do you think you can keep the editor's work so that I can get a real one?" When you're 17, what do you know? He said, "Surely, I can do it!" I think he forgot me, because I stayed there since then.

PLUME: And he was Timely Comics; At that time, is not it?

LEE: Yeah, who was Timely Comics; there.

In other stories, although Lee let the family connection, Martin Goodman's wife cousin Lee and his uncle, Robert Solomon, had asked for work at Timely, "said my brother's brother, Robbie Solomon , they could be able to use someone at a publishing company where he worked. The idea was to be involved in a presentation that really likes me. So I sent to The man Robbie says he did a job, Joe Simon, and asked for work. I started working as a game for eight dollars a week … "

In his 1990 book, Joe Simon explained that Lee was asked to be appointed especially due to his family connection. Simon also remembered a conversation between himself and Lee:

Lee: I have been saying this [classified-ad] story for years, but it seems that it's not like that. And I can not remember because I am[‘ve] He said so far now that I believe … Simon: Uncle Robbie brought you into the office one day and said, "This is the son of Martin Goodman's wife." [sic] … You were seventeen years old.

Lee: sixteen and a half!

Simon: Well, Stan, tell me seventeen. You may have tried to be older … I paid your salary.

So I think it seems that it is quite fair to say that the family story is closer to true conversion. It is still an amazing story, both. Dude was a teenager and finished becoming Senior Editor before he was even 20 years old! And then he stayed there for decades, and became one of the most famous people in the history of comic books. Something amazing.

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