How were Freddie Mercury's last days, 27 years after his death


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"I'm not like Eva Perón, I do not want to go down in history as one of the worried people … who hope I will be someone who has created something or is have done something after my death.. The crown was heavy Freddie Mercury and with these words it was clear that his mission on Earth was fulfilled. He had lived and made many people happy. 27 years after his death, the head of Scotland Queen he is still doing it

Compared to the Argentine flag from the humble, comes from the book "Freddie Mercury, his own life" (Greg Brooks and Simon Lupton, Editions Robinbook) who commented on ideas that Freddie was not a long- time. He said he did not expect to grow old or not to live until he was 70 years old, "It would be very appealing". Eventually, he died on November, 1991, at the age of 45, due to bronchopneumonia caused by the evil he had been hunting for about 4 years, the Syndrome Deoch- strong Migration (AIDS).

Earlier day, on Saturday 23, the singer gave a note to the public in which he accepted that he had signed his contract: "According to the major campaigns that appeared in the newspapers over For the last two weeks, I want to prove that I have HIV and I have AIDS, I think it's right not to display this information so far to protect the privacy of the People around me, however, have been the time for my friends and fans all over the world to know the truth. Come with my doctors and her -there is someone else in the world that is fighting this awful disease, my loyalty has always been something special for me and I am famous for giving some interviews, this will realize that this will be the case . "And so, this is a & # 39; This communication is less than 24 hours later.

The Zoroastrianism phrase comes from the Greek Zoroaster or Zarathustra, in Persian, who was a prophet of this religion. The "clarified woman" was born in Iran in the sixteenth century BC. and encouraged this religion that is older than Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It is also considered that one of the first monotheistic religions of God who worshiped him, Ahura Mazda. This is why Zoroastrianism is also Zoroastrianism.

This godology was symbolized by the fire that was with him Farrokh BulsaraThis is the name Parsi of Freddie who was born in Zanzibar until he grew as a ash. The ceremony did not leave what remains of the Queen's singer half an hour. Everything happened in the West Burgh of London and the funeral was made by two Indian Priests of Parsi faith. Soldiers like Bulsara's family, who the men who prayed would be; Moving from the Avesta (sacred text of the Zoroastrians), the presence of his father Freddie, Bomi, his mother Jer, and his sister, Kasmira. There was also Mary Austin, who was a partner, friend, director and vice president of his fortune.

In Bombay, the Pharishes still bring their bodies to the sun until the vultures are carried. But in England, they'd love to laugh. Even in India, it's been questioned to & # 39; This use is because there are fewer and fewer gannets, outdoor gathering groups and Zoroastrians are in a position; Start to see their relatives do not have to; Starting from this plane as they should.

In the descendants of Freddie, the pink roses Elton John different to the yellow bouquets David Bowie. Elton was the only rockstar present at that event, which was not Bowie. With the family, with no more than thirty, there were only Queen members and a few friends. Far from the hugs and complex shows, in his last times the singer was with the best and closest singer. Freddie's coffin aboard Rolls-Royce Classic, and on it, a red rose.

Responding to the fascinating mercury of Mercy, when the farewell service was full, he heard various songs he wanted to do; hear. He took it Aretha Franklin and also Montserrat Caballé, with which he interpreted Barcelona "classic"". And about him he had been a friend. They say that the singer had a voice with Caballé's voice since he heard at the Royal Opera House in London, when he played One member in Maschera, of Verdi, in 1983. His time has shown his interest in identifying it and could work together.

Along with the soprano, Freddie sang the song she made her, "Barcelona", in 1987 and they became friends very close. The song was a hymn for the Spanish city when the 1992 Olympic Games were marked, a few months after the death of the singer. "He has been infected with serious difficulty and integrity, since Freddie has been a very tough, very cheap, and in music, as he was a way of carrying the disease," said Montserrat. I will go thereafter to the TVE.

Caballé One of the few who knew Freddie's illness, was a problem and his short life. The soprano said: "Tell me a phrase that is very simple, but that's all in: Look at Montse, everyone has a way to go and do it; carrying the luggage, and inside what we need to carry. I'll carry my luggage and you'll get it; behave yourself, it would not be thrown away because I need to take away & # 39;. A true philosophical path to see his future short. "

The soprano, who died in October this year, had the authority talk about the singer because they were very close and respected. In a television interview that they made together to mark a "Barcelona" mark, Freddie acknowledged that he was the best of the Spaniards: "She worked with her as a dream, a dream that is now true. Voices were going to join them or did not, or if they were going to accept it, then broadcast their registration company, among my friends, and finally I reached Montsi's ears , and she said, that's one of those things. They went well, I went to Barcelona to see her for the first time, I played a few bars and she liked her, – she has been a rocker. "

The final analysis of her Queen's investigation with Freddie says much of that situation, when her & her; band together to make music and lose it, without knowing it, a friend. Innuendo It came out in February 1991 with a Latin name which says many, it means something like "insinuation" or "indirect".

The record was recorded between Studio Mountain in Montreux, Switzerland, in the first session, and the Metropolis Studio in London, England, in the last. At that time Brian May and Roger Taylor They worked on parallel and John Deacon He did not put it so far to the creative thing. Despite Freddie's illnesses, Upcoming, the star wrote all the songs and sang almost no problems.

The list of songs to do is n u0026; This album shows how to finalize for a perfect band. Premonerory letters, hidden messages, rehabilitation of memory. From "These are days of life" ("The bad thing in life was so small, those days have gone away, but one is sure, when I look and I find it, I still love you, you can not return the clock, you can not turn the tide back.? ") until the last story of "Show Must Go On" ("The display needs to be going on … Inside me, my heart breaks up, and maybe it can be made up, but my laughter still exists "). Each section of that route list is another purpose for Mercury worship.

With her light and fun spirit, Freddie did not think it would be 27 years later. keep showing his music and his statue. He made it clear when he made this statement to collect the book when it was unusual Freddie Mercury, his life …: "When I'm dead, I'd like to be remembered as a musician of value and material, I do not know how to remember me, I will not believe it, I'm dead, I do not & # 39; think: "My God! Will they remember me? "It depends on the people When he is dead, who is mourning? Not me!".

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