How will a town council be established in the Brežice town?


Our Brežice co-workers are now in the name of town and saint councilors. Who is the Town Council in the Brežice town in the 2018-2022 season? More below:

50.73% participating in Brežice

Vizjak, Kolaric, Kroselj na hEachdraidheil, Zorcic, Dirnbek, Zibert

At the voting stations in the four constituencies in the Brežice town, 10,381 voters and volunteers (50.73% of all) were elected to the polls and chose the names following in & # 39; town council. From the first constituency Jozica Sušin (DeSUS), Andrej Vizjak and Vinko Ogorevc (both SDS), Matija Kolarič (SD), Aljoša Rovan (Levica), Alenka Černelič Krošelj (People for People), Stanko Tomše (SMC) Tomaž Teropšič SMC) and Yuri Pezdirc (Sun). In the 2nd election unit, Mila Levec and Aleksander Gajski from the SDS list of the Town Council of SDS, Igor Zorčič and Darko Udovič, Mladen Strniša (Sun List), Bogdan Palovšnik (SD), Peter Dirnbek (Levica) and Marijan Žibert).

2018 local elections: Krško, Brežice, Sevnica, Kostanjevica

Which from the 3rd and 4th election units?

In the third constituency, SDS won the largest order (4), where they will be represented by Ivan Molan, Tatjana Močan, Mihael Petančč and Mira Šuler, SD from Martin Živč and SMC Stanko Preskar. In the fourth quarter, Peter Skrivalnik (DeSUS), Katja Čanžar (SDS), Matejka Kmetič (People for People), Herman Premelč (SMC), Miran Omerzel (SLS) and Ferdo Pinterič (List of Sun) in town council. , and the SD producer was selected by the attraction and Bernardko Ogorevc was appointed to the town council.


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