How will the Thailand tycoon be demolished from the AFF Cup?


Thursday, November 22, 1818 10:30 AM (GMT + 7)

1-1 against the Philippines, they do not get out of & # 39; The potential for the Thailand defense campaigns to be removed from Chup 201B AFF.

Video Games Philippines – Thailand: (Clip Clip to NextMedia, broadcast on VTC):

Group B "death" AFF Cup 2018 Play the three games but it's still not the first person to find the ticket to the finals.

A game between the Philippines and Thailand ended in a 1-1 draw that brought her to her; group B looks good. First with Thailand, with 7 points, the Philippines were second with less of the goals, and third ranked Singapore with 6 points.

How will the Thailand tycoon be demolished from the AFF Cup? - 1

Thailand is in trouble after the Philippines

So, the two tickets to the final competitions compete for Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. At the same time, Indonesia and East Timor both teams are officially eliminated after bad results.

In the last game, the stripper Kraisorn and his Thai partners will be attacking the players from "Lion Island", and the Philippines will bring the guests to Indonesia.

For Eriksson men, they must only harass one point ahead of Indonesia to make sure they put them in for the final round. Even the Philippines can be involved in the Top 4 teams to compete if Thailand has a " hit Singapore at home.

But theory, Thailand's team drops before the last B Group visit. The tariff 1-1 is in front of the Philippines, the highest candidates for warriors are indebted. has eliminated the group level.

In fact, in the last game against Singapore at home, you will not miss (game or win), Thailand is still sure to record it in the # 39; final. AFF Cup 2018U. So, what is the case that the Golden Temple team will eliminate the finals?

That's why Singapore hit Thailand, and the Philippines won at least one point against Indonesia. The Group B game will be completely returned when there are 9 points in Singapore and 8 points to the Islands, there will be 7 Thai Thai points.

This is the only opportunity but still possible. The last game did not promise that the eastern South Pacific militants were not easy, when Singapore had confirmed that this was a "death war" and would make every opportunity to do it; get tickets forward.

How will the Thailand tycoon be demolished from the AFF Cup? - 2

Thailand is not allowed to go to Singapore

On the other hand, Thailand will surely have even more pressure even though he plays at home. After the 1-1 draw against the Philippines, Milovan Rajevac forces also revealed a lot of weaknesses in their defense.

If you can take advantage of what is happening to the enemy, Singapore can create a complete end, and the same broadcast has been eliminated from the level of the organization. AFF Cup 2018South Westerly

Vietnam to prepare for Cambodia, wait for Thailand in the final

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