"How would the bombs look like?"


A video viral was performed in which Juan Darthés played the game that was the bomber owner's rating in the Veronica Lozano program.

While he was & # 39; shelter in Brazil after being co-operative Thelma Fardin for rape, the actor Juan Darthés To avoid social networks and to all the media that can be done, in the public register.

John Darthés's celebration of the Year & New with her wife and children in Brazil

However, the networks do not provide, and every time more materials that put their & # 39; magic Juan Darthés. Like this, for example. It is a video that shows a controversial game in the Veronica Lozano program that is a show the "play" actor.

It's about a bomb game and participation Darthés held in January 2017. "How would these protesters go? 18, 17, 20? The oldest adult is better!"Lozano wants Darthés.

In the middle of laughter, Darthés he responds to Lozano, and his & # 39; Some of her personal statements about her sexual preferences: "Sometimes I like to do things and sometimes I do not"Today, Veronica Lozano is one of her most distressing challenges Juan Darthés.

Here is the video of the dispute:

Well: Na Andes.

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