However, the Skanste New Hanza area is expected to be completed in 3 years


Initially designed for the purposes of the ABLV Bank, the 16-storey office building was expected to be implemented in 2020, but in February this year, due to the problems of the ABLV Bank, Pillar lost its main customers and finance officer. Miļūns said, for this reason, that the office project will change and be delayed for about a year.

"But we continue to work on the building of an official building office. It was originally designed with the focus on the bank as the main user of the building. transformation of the building so that the building is suitable for any tenant of Class A office, "said Moonstone.

He pointed out that Column is currently open to new collaborative grants and attracting new investors.

"Part of the project planned in the current New Hanza Quarter is independently hanged – a bank office building, a Museum of Modern Art, Park and School. There is now a mechanism for re- Fundraising the "Hanzas perons" event center, which is already underway and can be found in March next year, "said Miss Malun.

The head of Philine explained that the money was to complete "Hanseatic Platform" by " Increase the Pillar Development capital. In March this year, the Pillar Development capital division was extended from EUR 33.7 million to EUR 39.45 million.

The main company of New Hanza Capital's related company is also attracted to & # 39; continue the projects. So, Pillar is seeking opportunities to attract other investors to build an office center.

"To finish the office in 2021, the construction must start in 2019. So we need to get a reservoir in a year," said Ms Malun, saying Interests in the & # 39; this topic. Miļūns said that he is still too early to find out who the attracter will attract to the project, only to show that they could become Viking repositories – both already active in Latvian market and those not yet deposited in Latvia.

Due to the distribution of the ABLV Bank, an investment of € 186.7 million of Pillar Group development projects was suspended. In verse, it is a & # 39; design of offices and residential buildings, Hanzas, Hanzas Garden, nursery, school and Laitbhe Art Museum are planned.

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