HPV causes breast cancer, mouth cancer … Male and female vaccines should be given against the vaccine t


“Developed countries like the USA, Germany and France are extending the National HPV vaccine (NIP) target to nine out of four. Previously, only women were focused, but now men adapt to protect them. Middle-aged women are included in the vaccine. "

"The HPV vaccine 4 can halt 70% of the virus that causes serious cancer, but up to 90% of the vaccine can be vaccinated," said Professor Xavier Bosch, professor of cancer. T the Catalytic Oncology of the University of Catalonia. HPV is a virus that causes headaches, breast cancer, breast cancer and oral cancer. Vaccinations can be prevented.

The HPV NIP Control Center for 12 year old women was infected by the HPI. But 27 countries, including Australia and Canada, include an NIP with a nine-dose vaccine which will block nine viruses. This is because the 9-valent vaccine wider range than the 4-valent vaccine. “The first-generation HPV vaccine (including 2-valent vaccine and 4-valent vaccine) includes 16 and 18 vaccines that make up 70% of the vaccine. breast cancer cases, "said Dr Bosch." Up to 90% of cancer can be prevented by using molds. "The 52 and 58 viruses that can be blocked by vaccination 9 are affected by the viruses which cause cancer – which affects women in Korea." HPV 52 and 58 in Korea, Taiwan and southeast Asia, "said Professor Kim Yong-tak, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Asan Medical Center in Seoul."

As the number of HPV surveys increases, the virus has been shown to give cancer not only in egg cancer but also in the anus and oropharynx. The proportion that causes cancer is different. HPV cancer is usually affected by HPV virus, but another cancer is thought to be 30 to 40%. “Cancer caused the HPV virus infection by 5% of the total cancer, and one in 20 patients associated with influencing the HPV virus is infected,” she said. T said the priest. Is it linked to HPV disease. "

HPV is also the cause of genetic heads. Professor Kim said, "One of the important roles at HPV vaccine is to prevent genetic warts." In Korea, generational waves are increasing by 9% per year. The USA has introduced HPV vaccine to the NIP to prevent genetic headwords apart from breast cancer. This is because the burden of treatment for the headaches of a head infection is higher than in breast cancer.

It is also important to protect the immunization of HPV vaccines. For the most part HPV is spread through sexual orientation. That's why it is important to get vaccinated before you start sex. Professor Kim said, "In recent years, there has been an increase in breast cancer in domestic men, who are likely to be involved in HPV to 100%." Breast cancer and oral cancer are also associated with sexual activity, so sexual input is also important. .

The HPV NIP vaccine level at home is 83%. Many parents are unwilling to enter due to other influences, although they have risen higher than at the beginning of the year. Professor Bosch said, "Don't worry." “The World Health Organization (WHO) has surveyed adverse reactions after submission and found it safe in scientific assessments in 82 countries," he said. T to over 300 million doses across the world, I would have done that. "

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