HSE head exchange, instead of Maurot Nikolic


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11/21/2013 16:41 closed: 11/21/2013 16:41

Management from Holding Slovenske elektrarne (HSE), one of the largest two largest electric electricity groups, is included by Stojan Nikolic, a member of the director over finance, Siol's reports portal.

Siol: change at the head of HSE, instead of Maurot Nikolic

Stojan Nikolic

Photograph: Jure Makovec

Re-positioning at the top of the company, which will employing over three thousand people, leaders will discuss at Friday's session, and write Siol, and follow: "In accordance with the circumstances set before the meeting, Stojan Nikolic there Matjaž Marovt v HSE job changes. The former Director would have been and the other moved to the position of a member of the director who is responsible for long-term representation. "The portal gives information about unofficial information.

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