HTC clarifies that HTC U12 + is not a & # 39; appear as a final model. 5G mobile phones will still be launched in the future (139346) – Cool3c Addiction Technology


HTC is sure that 5G connected mobile phones will continue next year, and we will continue to & # 39; Keep in touch with Qualcomm, and it is expected that HTC VIVE updates will be launched in the future, as well as new mobile phones.

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In response to media narratives from the Phandroid website, HTC U12 + was used as the main prototype of the HTC series of HTC series to attract attention. HTC published an earlier statement, saying that it is still providing solutions suitable for future network 5G communications bids. The result, and the statement of the report that is explained is not relevant to the truth.

HTC clarity that HTC U12 + does not mean is the only defined model only. File 1 of this article will be launched in the future.

HTC said, it shows that it will continue to & # 39; generating smartphone compatible devices for 5G network communications services, and will keep it in touch with future images, blocks and other applications, and also; Emphasizing current actual truth bids. Give its main technology to & # 39; market change in the future.

As well as producing HTC U12 Life Taiwan Limited Edition with 6GB of memory and 128GB storage capacity, the release will be published in the # 39; fourth quarter of 2018 and its first quarter of 2019. HTC has no equivalent output. It is anticipated that specific guidance will include details of the results

However, according to current market news, HTC has been proven to send 5G mobile phones next year, and will continue to work closely with Qualcomm, and it is It is expected that HTC VIVE software will be launched in the future, as well as new mobile phones.

In relation to the recent Phandroid website that has been reported by many media in Taiwan, it has not been said that HTC will not forward the mobile phone mobile phone product shortly before the first quarter of next year, and may launch the new HTC U's new mobile phone first and upper modules with its & # 39; Desire company. It is anticipated that there will be special news in the second quarter.

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