HTC left the statement that denied U12 + as the last mobile phone in the U series and revealed that it is working hard to prepare for 5G


Recently, the HT12 UC + HTC main mobile phone is the mobile phone message of the last row. Faster, The official release of this message left and it revealed that U12 Life Taiwan Limited Edition is available sooner, and C4 and 2019 2018 also showcase a variety of user ends. Apply commercial market side materials.

HTC said: "At this time in the generation of new technology, smartphones are still an essential part of people's lives, and we also believe that the 10 years of change which will be guided by the main VIVE Reality technologies. As well as developing, and continuing continuous platform access and the rich content of AR and VR, it is also worthwhile Be aware of the powerful impact of AI, block blocks and 5G fast network. On 5G day, we will continue to integrate the key strategic objectives, just as we have directed on communications technology such as 3G / 4G, and we are working hard to get ready for 5G. "

HTC will launch HTC U12 Life 6GB / 128GB Taiwan Limited Edition in December 2018, and in 2018 Q4 and 2019 also demonstrate a variety of consumer and commercial market advocacy materials.

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