HTC refused to add more on mobile phones with a row-u again, saying that a variety of materials will come out in the future. TechNews Technology News


Recent reports have been published in print media. There are market facts that HTC will not install new new phones in 2019. The current U12 + is now sold as a final device of HTC series phones. The HTC report on the 21st said that the report was not true, and a number of new materials will be distributed in the fourth quarter of 2018 and early 2019.

HTC said some media reporting recurrent media statements on the 21st, using the fragile title for "HTC U12 + as the last mobile phone". HTC's illegal ideas on these non-company checks have been rejected. The full text of the statement is as follows:

At this time in the generation of new technology, smartphones are still an essential part of human life, and we also believe that the 10 years of change will be guided by the main VIVE Reality technologies. As well as developing technology, the ever-changing platform and rich content of AR and VR, it is also worth taking into account the powerful influence of emergency information AI, blockchain blockchain and 5G fast network. On a five-day day, we will continue to incorporate the major strategic ideas. How we have been in & # 39; leading the development of communications technologies such as 3G / 4G, we are working hard to get ready for 5G.

HTC's left and HTTP platforms for the productivity, price, assignations and activities that each client group needs to respond quickly to changes and requests; market. At this time, U12 Life 6G / 128G Taiwan Limited Edition will be launched in December. At the beginning of Q4 and 2019 in 2018, a number of consumer and trade market advocacy materials will also be released. The large number of users can continue to look forward to their & # 39; give them good attention.

(Source: HTC)

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