"Hu Ge successor" breaks out of her beloved "mourning money to deceive her" – Zhongshi News


Jiang Jinfu, a man's star on the mainland called "Hu Ge" s successor, broke news about a domestic girl in Japan on the 20th. Her lover sent a picture of her wound in IG and she stated that she was hit. Jiang Jinfu left himself and took an excuse on Weibo. In the West But, Weibo's friend, Jiang Jinfu, called "Mei Xiaopeng nam Fir", said that there must be a reason, and there are out-of-school issues.

Jiang Jinfu was hopeful about the future, but after the wound, he broke the show, and sent his beloved to be blessed. Now it's a domestic violence. (Figure / away from Jiang Jinfu IG)

Jiang Jinfu "Men Xiaomei Men" photographed and wrote down. They asked his wife to help with the translation. But, she was a close picture. of a man who loved to be a night club or even find out, so he later recommended breaking up, but the woman kept this relationship.

Jiang Jinfu is very similar to fashion and clothing. (Figure / away from Jiang Jinfu IG)

As mentioned in the article, at the beginning, Jiang Jinfu expected to break up for learning in Japan due to the filming of wounds. It was the Japanese woman who took the initiative to attack Jiang Jinfu, and spent much money before and after. The worst thing is that she is also a & # 39; mourning. She was pregnant and showed supersonic pictures, but not all the data sheets was and she was not tough. She also added Jiang Jinfu all her love. Every behavior has attacked everyone. Most said, "Jiang Jinfu's family is not right, but the woman is not a good seller."

(Times Times Newsletter)

The netizen who said he was a friend of Jiang Jinfu was the evidence of his fake pregnancy. (Figure / Discharged from Weibo)

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