Huai Lin has evidence to have children: What does the family say?


Thursday, November 22, 2012 09:24 AM (GMT + 7)

Information Huai Lin and her lover Cindy A young girl's party, named Vy Lam, is glad that people are angry.

On an entertaining forum, more than 1 million members have caused reasons when they post information "Dealbh Hoai Lam with Cindy Pàrtaidh a happy date of a baby girl named Vy Lam."

This source has raised its question about the child; The first daughter raised by Hoai Linh's children and comedy books for comic books. Little is said that Hoài Lam named two years of free singing to care for family peace, and respiration to return to work.

"It's also possible that Lin and Cindy Lu are part of another human party. The child is blind so it's not clear" Reporting account.

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Photographs of Huai Lin and a young girl make stir.

Reporters posted to singer singer Hoai Lam – Mr Khanh Hoang to confirm the information. He asked not to comment on it "This is a personal story of Lam. I do not manage but work. In terms of private life, Lam can talk up."

Share the manager also, in two years of stopping singing events, Hoai Lam will learn skills in music production, studio.

"If Lin has been feeling confident enough in a short time, not just me but everyone will support him, and I hope that Lam will be balanced. complete his chosen course quickly, and go back to stand on the stage, says Huai Lin.

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Since the causes were exposed, Hoai Lam and her lover took much noise.

This is the first time that Hoai Lam's sweetheart is on her; case was convicted. In recent months, websites have spread Cindy Lu's profile with a rare and unusual abdomen, Hunting happy with Hoai Lam. Also, in another trip, Hoai Lam and his family gave a baby.

At this time, an electronic newspaper said Bao Quoc Bao was pregnant by Hoai Lam and was born a few months ago. The social network also presents Bao Ngoc's message messages with an online shop owner for buying shoes and clothing for the baby. Data is converted, many spectators believe that Cindy Lu's child is a child.

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Cindy Lu & s and the abdomen that affect Huai Lam and her; The behavior of a child who was suspicious of having a baby.

On the final date of Jiabao, Cindy Lu and his family also joined him. The guests took care of the lover Huo Lin because she was a child's daughter and care.

Talk to us, Jiabao said he was inviting Cindy Lu to attend his & his anniversary party as a result of a new family nature. Before the birth of her sister's son, her first child, Jiabao refused to respond to reporters.

Previously, in an interview with us, Cindy Lu once said, that her first love journey, she and Hoai Lam are, show the close image clearly. However, later, both wanted to keep themselves. "Every time I share something on social networks, I'm scared to listen to the media and listeners, not to mention a lot of texting." Share by Cindy Lu.

Cindy Lu and Huai Lin know each other aged 15, 16. Both of them share relationships for 3 years and they will break up. After that, her couple fell into love recently.

"When he started to fall in love, Hoai Lam was not known. At the same time, I'm very small and so the family is banned. My family is very hard so I can not Behavioral, thinking that this love can not go again and so I broke up once.

I'm a daughter in the same family, so keep it up. It was banned from using its & # 39; phone, social network or hang out with friends. After school, I went home with my family. At this time, the family is much more open. In part, I was seeing myself and # 39; grow up to be reinforced and reinforced. " Bao Quoc's humor.

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Cindy Lu and Huai Lin know each other aged 15, 16.

Since Hoai Lam was 13 years old to train Dam Vinh Hung Hoai Linh, who was taken as a student, just for eating accommodation. What kind of boy is it like? Purchase of damages for.

Regarding Huai Lam's recitation for singing stop by 2020, Dam Vinh Hung said he could not get involved. According to that, everyone has goals and everyone is not entitled to conflict.

Trying to fall Hoai Lam, Hoai Linh said unhappy: "Huai Lin's life is no longer in my hands, down or up if he is or does not. Tell me, but he did not listen to me. He likes music, because he is young. "

Many people in the world said Hoai Linh was angry that Hoii Lam was not watching, but commented by comedy"I'm not angry, but I say many times but I do not know. A little to work, to take care of the last breath.

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Since Hoai Lam was 13, Hoai Linh was sent to Dam Vinh Hung for training.

The male singer born in 1995 also believes that promoters have been used, love and affection; make professional pressure.

A person near Hoai Lam in the speech by Hoai Linh also said that "Six Banh" was inspired, he does not want to mention his / her; children involved. This person appeared when texting was done, said Hoai Linh "That's just that, but I do not know how to keep it.

Truth Hoai Linh

Hoài Linh did not translate more into the children's roles that he was admitted and said "Hoai Lam's nests are just going on."

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