Huawei confirms: "We have an operating system ready if we can't use Android any more"


In an interview with the German website, Welt, Richard Yu (Huawei Chief Executive) said the company has a well-functioning operating system that will use it if Google goes off Android on account of the restrictions the US government sent them.

Richard Yu – Huawei Chief Executive – said in an interview with the German website Welt that if the company wants to get into Android, the company has a plan B. The solution is the operating system which would be ready to be used in their devices if necessary. Equality that has already occurred in recent months, as we have told you in other articles. But why should Google prevent the availability?

“The war is now saying that the US government has begun to resist the Shenzhen giant who is accused of causing confusion to the Chinese secret services. These offenses then came into effect in the Protection of Protection Act which – in fact – preclude US government bodies from purchasing equipment from Chinese companies and even from entering into contracts or contracts. agree to those third-party companies which purchase Huawei services. That all blocks relating to the implementation of the 5G infrastructure be not forgotten.

To arrest the US's future and hypothetical security action, the Chinese manufacturer does not intend to adopt without preparation. Suddenly, for this, If Google using Android and Microsoft decided to remove the obstacles to being provided by Trump (or that they may have to), Huawei's current ownership operation will already be able to be used on its tools.

However, Richard Yu hopes to continue the use of Google and Microsoft's ecosystems. Huawei is obviously very aware of the dangers associated with the third smartphone system – now with Android and iOS. This is why he uses it directly in "extrema ratio".

However, for this period there is no information about this – explained last December. Anyway, we know it is officially there and Huawei is ready to set up solutions if the USA keeps war.

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