Huawei does not harm him, just over Washington, is marked by her; Chinese Communist in Munich –


AP AP spokesman Post-US President Mike Pence responded that Huawei was a threat to national security systems and asked for a consortium to shut down a Chinese business from a & # 39; build 5G advanced networks.

Jang told the Munich Secure Conference that the Europeans themselves "know where their own interests lie and thus learn from teaching." He opposed the United States to encourage their own interests on this issue.

"Chinese law does not need to install back door companies or collect information," he said. "Huawei, a company, is working closely with European countries," he said. "Europe knows very well where the wise way is moving forward", it finished.

We do not worry anyone

Jang also made it clear that China was not interested in participating in a broad draft of the Interim Interim Charter Agreement and Short Range 1987 (INF). It was & # 39; this month, the United States said Russia was blocking and then Russia was rejecting American shows. Washington has also made a decision to delete & # 39; China's accordion, which is not covered by this Cold War contract.

Jang said that the INF should be maintained, but "China is constantly developing its military abilities according to defensive needs and does not threaten a person, and we face to do a multi-side MSP contract. "

Experts suggest that a & # 39; Most of the Chinese nuclear warriors were placed on the firearms that were ban under the INF.

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