Huawei face recognition can make a difference between two different profiles


Huawei Chinese is preparing to update the EMUI 9 user environment, with one fascinating legend. Nearly face-to-face technology supports only two, individually. form.

Such a handheld reader can be used by just a few seconds. Just put down your support and fix your smartphone with your thumb, chopped or split-up.

In face-to-face technology, they are used to work with one character. Huawei will change with the latest update and will support two faces. The update is related to the beautiful Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20 RS Porsche Design design. With time, other devices can be added.

The floor is still spread on its & # 39; domestic market in China, as it was with the previous renewal of EMUI.

recognize their shape

What are the benefits of such responsibilities? Your device will be able to solve the opponent's face if, indeed, give him an opportunity. Instead, we see the benefit of the other.

If a support machine owner is often changing what technology technology is, it's just a registration of both sides.

Large black crabs, spirits, scenes, face masks for some jobs … These elements can surprise face recognition, which you can already find on your skin.

When the update may appear in our country it is not yet clear. It may not take long.

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