Huawei in trouble after the image scandal;


Huawei China has launched a pioneering campaign which she said recently "hidden and deceitful", said he had captured high quality images with the forthcoming P30 Pro.

According to The Virg, the Chinese prints stating that they were from a phone lens were taken by a professional DSLR camera, a camera with a monochrome lens.

Huawei showed that there was a remarkable image of the volcano crack reaching out, and after simple analysis and analysis, the image has been surrounding the site of the famous Getty site, making the company. in trouble and a passive place for users.

The store said that this is not the first time that Huawei promotes a professional profile and that August 2018 is a phone lens, the same thing was done when we were marketing Huawei Nova 3.

Huawei has major advantages in a P30 Pro camera, such as four lenses, as well as an accurate round 7 level capability, but the company could lose customers' confidence in the future if they find out. T That they had the promises to be right.

The well said the situation was worse as the Chinese company had added other photographs that he did not share with his website.

The research showed that Huawei showed pictures of a child said to have been built by the P30 Pro, but found that it was in 2009, ten years ago.

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