Huawei Malaysia offers free gifts up to RM500 during Valentine's Day promo


Valentine's Day takes place on this Thursday and Huawei is a offers a special program where you can spend extra gifts and offer extra awards for the official Huawei shop. In addition, there is a daily film sale for Huawei devices and 3-day smartphones.

Free gift bundle for Valentine's Day

The latest Huawei Nova 4 will be officially available on 14th February 2018 at RM1,899. If you have already ordered it through the online store, you will receive a Gift Gift 4 box free, which tooth-blue earphone and to RM50 offer. That's worth RM450 in total.

In addition, Huawei offers gift bundles for the Huawei Mate 20 series as well as the Y Max and Y9 2019 on her; their official online store between 12th and 15th of February 2019. For its first 50 users who will Raising Huawei Mate 20 (RRP: RM2,399), Matte 20 X (RRP: RM3,199) no Matte 20 Pro (RRP: RM3,599), Huawei offers food shows at the Westin Hotel KL, Huawei CP60 wired wire, Huawei AP38 Super Car Charger and free tripod center free.

If you buy the Huawei Y9 (RRP: RM899), you will find to RM50 offer (for Huawei official store), a bottle of greenhouse and a key ship. Customers of Huawei Y Max also receive the same free bundle and are also free of charge for free Huawei Y Max. The free series Huawei Y answers are limited to the first 300 purchases on the # 39; online shop.

Huawei Flash Sale

From March 13 to 15, 2019, Huawei has a movie selling proxy 12PMIf you have a quick revival, you will receive a Huawei Power Bank for RM99 (RRP: RM256), Cargar Super Car Huawei AP38 for RM66 (RRP: RM127) and Microweb & Type-C tax cable at Huawei AP55S for RM13 (RRP: RM48). According to Huawei, other displays are available as low as RM11 and you can get savings up to RM700 on smartphones.

Lucky Spin and Win

From 8 to 12 February, Huawei also offers up to RM150,000 with the Lucky Spin & Win initiative. Just Log in Huawei's official shop to get her & # 39; The highest of 3 attractions every day to win an attractive prize. You can get extra spell by sharing the Lucky Draw campaign on your social media channels.

For a Prize Program, Huawei has a & # 39; Provides food labels for 2 at Westin KL Hotel (x 3 units). In addition, Huawei also provides Huawei's official displays on an online source including leaflets RM10 (x 3,500 units that are relevant throughout the country), RM50 (x 1,000 units attached to smartphones, records, PCs and shelters) and RM100 (x 500 appropriate units on smartphones, records and PCs).

For more information, you can visit Huawei Valentine's day on the official Huawei shop.

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