Huawei MateBook 13 vs. MacBook Air: analysis and features


Photograph: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)

Last year, Huawei launched a disaster to Apple with its MateBook X Pro, a laptop that incorporated some of the best features that had been installed; at MacBook Pro and its attention to others such as Touch Bar Touch Bar and Apple's superb electronic keyboard. By 2019, Huawei has created a new 13-inch laptop designed to renew the MacBook Air recently and, except for the one thing, the MateBook 13 is better than the biggest competitor in almost all respect.

It's not a mystery that Apple has been boosted by Apple, because the MateBook 13 is a smuggling badge on the MacBook Air. But it's a good clone. The MateBook 13 shows a centralized aluminum body, in the same way, measures 1.5 centimeters in thickness, 0.51 millimeters smaller than the deepest of the MacBook Air. That says that MacBook Air does not have a chromped form at the MateBook 13 body, it is not a "#; feel more painful when you spend it.

MateBook 13 has two USB-C ports, but there is no support for Thunderbolt 3. On the other hand, the port on the left is designed for data and uploading, and the same is the right for data results and video. To make sure this difference is in use, Huawei has a doll 2 that is in MateBook free of charge to buy his / her; computer. This accessory extends connecting the device to a & # 39; add VGA, USB-A, USB-C and additional Ethernet.

There is another point in which Huawei is bankrupt from Apple's formula with her; keyboard and screen of the MateBook 13. Instead of the hard and deeper keys that MacBook has today, the MateBook 13 is choosing a customized chiclet design with a wide range and many re Awareness that reduces the tiredness of the fingers. And on the right of the keyboard, its MateBook 13 has a powerful power button with a fingerprint reader; allows you to turn on your computer and sign in to Windows with one leaflet.

However, the MateBook 13 screen of 2160 with 1440 piogsail offers a solution slightly lower than the Retina screen of 2.60 to 1600 of the MacBook Air, but as a result it is a & # 39; Getting tight, which is not in any way in the MacBook right now. And despite the first concerns of her; I have had the colors that were as bad and as bad as possible, having been using MateBook 13 for a week, I do not have much to complain. Indeed, although the screen is 300 times clear, our survey unit is up to 356 nits, which is almost 10% higher than we have received with the MacBook Air (327 nits). Although I think it's best to activate the environmentally clear choice of the MateBook 13, which is in fact, Provide somewhat better knowledge when used in bright or sunny rooms.

The MateBook 13 is harder than the MateBook X Pro, especially in width
Photograph: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)

Compared to his brother more expensive, the 13-inch screen of the MateBook 13 makes it more complete than it is 14-inch MateBook X Pro. The difference is so small that does not respond in a backpack, but if you want to work on a plane, the size of 13 a & # 39; Writing on seat boards is more comfortable. Fortunately, Huawei maintained the ratio of 3: 2 of the X Pro, which is the comparatively higher dimensions that maximize productivity compared to 16: 9 or 16:10 devices such as the MacBook Air.

But the biggest benefit of the MateBook 13 over Apple's team may be fulfilled. Although the Mac Core Air with Intel Core i5 CPU is a double 1.6 GHz, Huawei devices come with a quad-core team faster (Core i5 or Core i7). This contributes better to the MateBook for anyone who wants to process or disable numbers. Video editing, while the Nvidia MX 150 GPU option in the Core i7 $ 1300 option is even a & # 39; Enables light games to play. Le Overwatch in 1920 with 1080 pixels I obtained an average of 50 to 55 fps with high graphics and a draw scale to 100. It's not a huge product, but with just a few changes you can take the MateBook 13 to recreation tool.

It's a bit scared to see a normal webcam on the & # 39; MateBook 13 instead of pop-up popup used in the & # 39; MateBook X Pro, but it's a good change for overall potential.

Like other times, Huawei has made an effort to attract the MateBook 13 frames (especially those below) and show it.

For a relatively small device, its MateBook 13 has a big touchpad.


Unfortunately, the performance of the MateBook 13 appears to be at the expense of battery life. Huawei says that the MateBook 13 should last 10 hours with normal use, but the producer's expectations are always somewhat generous. In our video game test, the MateBook 13 only lasted 8 hours and 9 minutes, output within the average and once less than MacBook Air (9:16).

That difference in battery life may be enough to frighten some people, but when you consider the full value of MateBook 13, everything comes back. The $ 1000 model comes with Core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM and SSD 256GB. $ 200 less than a basic MacBook Air with a much more powerful and half-sized process. And if you compare it with Windows computers, it's a similar story Dell XPS 13, which costs around $ 200 more than Matebook 13 with similar specifications. Although fair, Dell has XPS 13 with CP3 i3 and 4 GB of RAM for $ 900 that Huawei can not match.

Photograph: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)

The MateBook 13 is not very clear or has an appliance or equipment similar to the MacBook Air or the XPS 13. But it is well-built, well-equipped and offers a renewable and just what the laptop should have. And it's one of the best computers you can buy for $ 1000.

In summary

  • With the devolution of 8 hours, the biggest risk of our test unit is the Core i7 process and the devolved graphics of the battery.
  • Only the USB-C port on the left is used for data transfer and evaluation, and the USB-C port is correct to support data and video output through DisplayPort.
  • Compared to the MacBook Air and Dell XPS 13, the Matebook 13 is the cheapest and offers more for less.
  • The $ 1000 i5 model comes into cash, and looks like a dark green look; Model $ 1300 i7 with the Nvidia MX 150.

Technical features

Windows 10 • LCD LCD screen 13-inch 3: 2 2160 x 1440 • Intel Core i5-8265U process with integrated graphics / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD or Intel Core i7-8565U with graphics Nvidia MX 150 GPU / 8GB of RAM / 512GB SSD • a fingerprint reader on its power button • Jack 3.5mm • 2x USB-C • 802.11 wifi a / b / g / n / ac • camera 1-BP • Bluetooth 5.0 • back keyboard • 41.7 Wh Battery Battery • 28.6 x 21.1 x 1.2cm • 1.28 kg

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