Huawei placed two staff members for a corporate tweet from iPhone


Chinese technology Huawei Two staff agree from the Public Relations department after he discovered that the tweet with which his official Twitter account was a press release on his / her. New Year & New. written from iPhone, recites an economic news port on Friday Caixin

Huawei delete one of your jobs and cut your salarylong as it is the other person will not qualify for this year, his company said in an inner circle.

The tweet with Huawei came to her honeycomb on her. New Year with a writing he was reading "via Twitter for iPhone" and, although it was destroyed in a short time, it did not stop many users, both in China and in other countries, from sharing catching scratches.

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These images has adversely affected the brand reputation of Huawei smartphones ", lamenting her & # 39; company.

The error is set out in the document, has happened in sub-marketing as the name Sapientwho have the team can not connect to the VPN – A private private network, a machine used in China to prevent cyber cyclists with fractions such as Twitter, Facebook or Google – for a tweet from the computer.

So staff They used a SIM card from Hong Kong – so you can get those services – on iPhone and sent the message.

Huawei threatened Sapient for the incident and did not explain the role of the two staff of his Public Relations department who had punished after doing so; express on them "bad sales management".

Chinese mobile company is the leading speaker of the last diplomatic dialogue between the United States and China, from its financial director, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in Canada on December 1 when Washington was asked, who expresses her to go to # 39; economic breach of Iran.

This led to a wave of nationality in Chinese social networks, with support missiles for Huawei and Apple Apple's face, who previously analyzed what they expected for futures, for a & # 39; the first quarter of the fiscal year due to the income in income in China, where he had corrupted his bad figures on his / her; economic downturn.

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