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Huawei. After years, and years of Apple copying days, today, the ways in which the Chinese terminated its American company was finally explained, not much to do. We start with a story by Apple partner who met Huawei's staff; promises large orders for smartwatch parts just to find out what features of Apple Watch's heart level sensors are, because because they had something lower.

Huawei. It is likely that Chinese workers would have said that their design was similar to Apple, and they refused to go. shows sketches in this regard, but asks Apple to estimate how much the parts would cost to do. Huawei's staff wanted to see Apple Watch sensor sketches and Apple's price for the parts that were used to deliver them, but they were not successful.

Huawei. In another attempt to get information from another Apple partner, a Chinese worker photographed a type of material, asking his partner to prove that he had previously worked together. Even here Apple's partner did not work, but the procedure is old, the US Department of Justice says that Huawei staff get bonuses for the secret they receive, The sum depends on the importance of the information they are going to; rule for stealing or buying.

Huawei has a compulsory strategy for protecting Apple and secretive business robbery

Huawei. There seems to be suspicion that China's machines in the MacBook Pro 2016 would also be copied with the Chinese, and Apple's partner saw a scheme that was almost the same as the laptop device Apple. That partner refused to do a machine for Huawei, but the Chinese saved it elsewhere, and there would be one that is very similar to Apple's MateBook Pro.

The Huawei engineer was present at the meeting by four Huawei researchers; come. The Huawei team spent the next hour to emphasize the provider for details of Watch Watch, the Government said. "They tried to try their fortune, but they would not tell them anything," said the Government. After that, Huawei went out quiet.

Huawei. The company also has a & # 39; Very good payment for prototypes, components, or sketches that stole workers who are working on Apple's collection of materials, or just for design based on sketches used in represented. It is not clear what the money Huawei is willing to offer for such things, but there is a "whole" business in China, which includes makers of mobile devices.

Huawei. Even Apple staff did not dispel the quizzes, a man who wanted to recruit a Chinese companion about the materials developed at Apple in a work interview. Indeed, Huawei is trying to steal everything from a competition, and from here we can find out what "innovation" is about; means in China, and it is quite possible that this dirty strategy will also pass mobile phones.

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