Huawei's equipment indicates security risks, the UK is saying


The US and China are trying to put 5G technology into practice, and American intelligence officers have urged capitalists to avoid Huawei from providing the infrastructure for the new networks which t identify security risks. The US has also accused Huawei of breaking control of America against Iran and stealing commercial confidentiality, which the company also owes.

Experts have been wary of what Huawei said it is not a risk that it says that each home company will be under legal control to help the country gather information if Beijing wants it.

The new government U.K said that "it doesn't believe the weaknesses recognized as a result of the Chinese ban. “Instead, he blamed“ poor software engineering ”and a shortage of“ cybersecurity hygiene ”. So, a "range of actors," not just the Chinese government, could make use of the Huawei networks.

Last year, Australia eliminated Huawei and ZTE from selling 5G equipment in the country, while other countries measure similar measures. In a CNBC interview on Thursday, Australian Prime Minister, Calum Turnbull, said the decision was based on "combating future threats" on the fast-moving networks.

So far, Europe's request has not been taken by the Washington request to halt Huawei completely. This week the European Commission said that the EU countries must share data on the security threats of 5G but did not report any Huawei concerns. German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier this month said the country would set its own security standards on the new networks.

Telecommunications telecoms such as Vodafone have warned that Huawei can be reduced in 5G distribution. The British company is responsible for Huawei to provide equipment in many of its networks.

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