Hubble finds out that Neptune has a bad place, and it's getting bigger – BGR t


The powerful Jupiter gets lots of attention for its ever-changing face, but it is not the same planet in our solar system with a bad personality. Neptune, the great frozen branch of methane and various other frigneous fires sits very well out of excursions out of our system, and Telescope Space Hubble snatched it onto something that nobody had seen. previously.

Astronomers have known for a long time that a dark surface on Neptune's surface sometimes comes. These giant smells of the feeling can be linked to high-pressure areas, and come and go over a number of years, but nobody has ever seen it now t .

In a new published survey Geophysical Research Letters, scientists explain how they saw one of Neptune's “Spots Great Dark Spots”. The team first focused on cloud patterns that had begun to shape years apart from the dark, while the dark spots start deep in the atmosphere of the planet rather than the dark spots. the surface at which we last look at them.

This is just the latest thing that has been the steady stream of new developments for the environment at Neptune. It was first proven in 1989 by the NASA Voyager 2 test, the first dark spot on the planets to be fully discovered by Hubble half a century later, leaving astronauts a year later. 'scratching the heads.

Whatever you do, Neptune's researchers looked more regular, finally seeing several dark spots coming and coming regularly. Now, scientists seem to have a better idea of ​​when and where one of the great vortexes creates, and this may find more information about how and why them soon.

Image: NASA

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