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Wednesday, November 28, 1818 06:00 AM (GMT + 7)

The "strange" story about the hometown of the native Hue folk songs spreads in the showbiz.

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A new car going into a Japanese Long

Japan recently divided a long series of pictures that got new cars on the page. The singer showed that the car cost more than 1.1 billion VND, which was sold for travel to the south. He also said that this is the third car it is.

This section of Long Japan was built directly by November 1113, a male speaker who sounded "showing a car on loan". In particular, following the article on the article, Long Japan put the shape of the three cars, one listener said that the two of the three cars of this singer, in fact, the car on loan at his wedding.

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Car to make Long Japanese market

Shortly after, Japan Long disappeared. He explained that the Fortuner black 7-way 2011 Toyota cost around $ 1 billion every time from north to south.

And the car is the Lexus IS 250, 3.5 billion pen 3.5 billion, which Longji's grandmother still carries her daily lessons and hers; buy. In addition, the Lexus RS 350 milk white shoe has over 4 billion blades from Vietnam Vietnam Ly Anh Minh to help him to travel.

"When I came to Vietnam to see where I wanted to go, I needed to have a taxi, I loved it and I knew my birthday was & Come and bought a VND4 billion bill worth of cars. People will come when we go to the hotel together, "said Long.

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The car that Long Japan was named after you, then you give it

"I have full legal documents or handwritten names for the three cars, but I do not need to show anyone any proof." In the end someone was saying that I did not have a baby I was young, but I was old, and I did not lose that time.

Some cars that people also do. Now who says that this house is not, my wife is not … I also need to introduce a red book and a marriage certificate to prove it?

He also argued that he wanted to show new music or projects in the future, but that his wealth might be shown. shows many things, not just cars.

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Long today shook emotional facts with a sister from Vietnam abroad

The truth is that the entrepreneur is only a manicurist in the USA and his new lover, the singer has been deceived and says that internet users want to disbelieve her.

"It's a fan of Minh, he likes the song at Long Nhat and as a result he has come to a decision on returning to a longer country. After a period of knowledge , brothers have come close, tied because there are many similarities and common ideas.

In particular, the two are very stunning, native songs in our country and we also combine the knowledge of two cultures "- she explained to Japan.

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Japan Japan welcomed the 4th child two years ago

After 30 years of singing, Long Japan is still the name of their favorite show. Although the showbiz is not so popular, there are unique listeners in a lyrical music that it continues.

So, at age 50, there is still adequate income from art work. In addition to these cars, the male singers have four houses stretching from the north to the south.

In private life, Long Japanese is sad that there is a beautiful woman, good children. He has four children, the eldest is 22 years old and the youngest is 2 years old; age. She lives with 4 children in Hai Phong, but Kim Ngan – Long Nhat's wife is behind her husband's support. She said: "I see you look good at your family and love your wife and your children.

It's amazingly so beautiful as the hot Japanese girl in Japan

In booting Bolero, Truc Chi & # 39; allows audiences to take their eyes off the picture quite generously.

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