Hulk Hogan featured on WWE Monday this Monday


WWE has just been confirmed that Hulk Hogan will appear on WWE RAW this Monday to honor Gene Okerlund yesterday:

Hogan and Okerlund match each other as a result of the Okerlund's main role in the WWF in the 1980s, and the conversation talk Let me tell Mean Mean & # 39; at some of his most famous promos. Hogan gave an award to Okerlund after he had passed by sending the following ideas forward Twitter:

The best partner was; I have ever had. We have never used it or wrote from a writer. Gene would ask me "what do you want to do?" I would always Answer "you just follow a brother" and it works from 1980 – 2017. RIP my brother HH

Hogan finally appeared on WWE television at WWE Crown Jewel November in Saudi Arabia. A Monday night will be marked to; the first time he appeared on RAW in March 2015. posted the following names promoting Hogan's return:

"Let me give something," Mean "Gene …"

So he started many of the most remarkable statements made by Hulk Hogan, who made a "Mean" generator and "Ok" gene Okerlund as the Hulkamania cornerstone in the 1980s. Now, when he has recently died of Okerlund, Hogan will return to WWE programs on Monday night on Raw to honor his long-term friend.

In the Twitter post of the Tuesday evening, Hogan gave the name "Mean" Gene "my best partner ever" long & as they were telling about the wonderful far-the-cuff chemists in their backdrop interviews. As a result, he went to an uncommon team team partnership when Hogan and Okerlund George "The Animal" Steele and Mr Fuji hit in 1984. The pre-game training sessions, which can be seen Below, even more intestines than the bout,

Hogan and Okerlund's relationship influenced the decades, from WWE to WCW and back to WWE. On Monday night, Hogan respects his brother.

Do not miss this milestone trip on Monday Night Raw, starting at 8/7 C on the US network.

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