Human Fennel Papilloma was cured in 29 women


Eva Ramon Gallegos alleges that they have eliminated 100%. HPV aims to hit a uterine cervix of 29 women in Mexico through photodynamic medicine.

In the process, an aminolevulinic acid delta is applied to the cervix for 4 hours, and subsequently it is converted to fluorescent chemical protoporphyrin IX that, accumulate in damage cells and to be removed by a special laser beam; As well as the removal of photodynamic HPV remedies as well, it will eliminating severe cervical cancer at very early stages, which was shown in the pilot survey.

The National School of Biological Sciences in the National Polytechnic Institute reports that women have been treated with photodynamic noninvasive medicine, which can be an effective way to prevent this second neoplasm cause of death in Mexican women.

Galactic investigated the effects of photodynamic medicine on a variety of neoplasms over two decades, and says that he has been treated with a cure in his / her; 420 clinical class with the cure as well as 29 in the Mexican city that were taken with HPV and / or zero central signals; Cure was made in two different schemes of treatment claims.

In the first phase of study the cure was implemented three times with 48 hours of each person and radiation time according to each case and the type of bad; reviews were made and criterion surveys were repeated. In those who just deleted 85% of the HPV virus; Those with HPV had a 85% effective effect on poor love; 42% of people with HPV losses had the force.

In mid-Mexico women had density of an untapped acid delta society, and the cure was performed twice with an interval of 48 hours; revisions and reviews were repeated again. HPV was eliminated by people carrying their 100% virus virus; In those with HPV and eliminating 64.3% diseases; and those with HPV's effective wounds were 57.2%.

Photodynamic cure has only damaged cells without affecting healthy structures, and it was said to be safe and free from effects; means that he has a good promise to reduce the degree of death from crude cancer.

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