Human remains found in a wild grave in Guerrero


Chilpancingo, Guerrero.- Members of a group of people who died in Iguala They found the remains of three people in a soft grave in the place known as La Laguna II, in February.

The result was discovered by Sub-Secretary of the Human Rights and Migration Ministry of the interior, Alejandro Encinas, which was joined with relatives in the investigation of coastal graves.

Alejandro Encinas in an interview said that his presence in Iglo is due to the support of a lost relative, just as he did in other countries in the country. He said he did not have detailed information about the number of people required.

Those who report that their relatives are absent, others are stolen or lost, but it must be recognized that this is a structural problem that is happening across the country.

From Monday, the Los desaparecidos de Iguala group started a day to look for lost relatives in different cities in Taxco and Iguala.

Along with the friends are elements of the Federal Police Force, Fiscal Solicitor's Office agents and staff of the Office of the Solicitor General of the Republic (FGR). Adriana Bahena Cruz, a member of the group, said there are 500 people lost in Igua.

Since 2014, when this group went to search for the disappearance, sent by 150 feedless groups, 43 already identified with their relatives after DNA testing, were delivered. to the families already.

… And about AyotzinapaIn interview, Alejandro Encinas confirmed that there are different search lines for Ayotzinapa that are trying to destroy.

Here we need to examine the mystery that is linked to the different types of crimes, with different economic activities.

Everything is not an drug and it must also be said, it's also the protection of mining; theft industry; human trafficking and trafficking, we have many search lines associated with problems of extinction (ordinary students); everything to research, I say it is clear, "he said.

Encinas announces that a large number of complaints are anonymous to Ayotzinapa although there are people who can take responsibility for them.

However, he said that not all information already available will be made public until it is submitted to the Truth.

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