Human resources Blockocks, the highest paid business in the IT industry


The average salary of Blockones engineers over VND 50 million per month is the highest among other IT professionals.

According to VietnamWorks's "2019 IT Technique" published by VietnamWorks, a group of engineers with Blockone knowledge and false understanding (AI) receive the highest wage and above other professional industry professionals. .

In particular, engineers of product development associated with Blockchain are paid an average of 2,241 USD per month. The AI ​​software development team has a salary of $ 1,844 per month.

For careers, it is the architects' highest wage job ($ 1,753 per month); Agile / Scrum Engineer (US $ 1,500 per month) and project management (US $ 1,372 per month)

Average program of product programs in line with their skills and skills. Bottom: VietnamWorks

Average program of product programs in line with their skills and skills. Bottom: VietnamWorks

When examining the salary received and the wages expected, the level of language, the programming of language, the awesome talent … the majority of people think that wages are not paid t as expected. A distinction will be between 300 USD and around 1000 USD.

So, engineers in Ho Chi Minh City are expected to have a salary of 2,625 USD, but in reality it is 1,550 USD. Front-line engineers in Hanover expect a salary of $ 1,385 but are getting $ 635. Similarly, the salary issue is less than half that of the engineering organization with the same receipt of $ 725 compared to the expected $ 1,555.

The three main awards which are most commonly used in the 13th month pay initiatives (81% of respondents); Bonus Tet (40%) and project bonus (26%). However, 59% of information technology staff have not paid for the additional time.

Almost half of IT staff said that they were “satisfied” and “completely satisfied” with the current bonus system. When asked about a job move in the next 6 months, 60% said they expected. The reason for paying is higher (47%); they want to improve (15%) and wish to update the working environment (10%).

“The demand for the collection of information technology resources is increasing in the digital age, creating and sustaining challenging talents. Furthermore, technological expertise is in the shortage of human resources. new, such as blocks and AI, lead to a mismatch in the market ”said Gaku Echizenya – General Manager of Navigos Group and recommending compensation, businesses should pay for extra payment. better to meet staff expectations.


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