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A Chinese researcher says he helped his first born genetic baby in the world – twin daughters born this month with a DNA who said he had changed with a new machine powerful who can transcribe real life design.

If it's true, it would be very interesting for science and your ideas.

A scientist from the US said that he took part in China's work, but this type of genetics is banned in the United States because DNA changes are in place; going past future generations and that it is a danger that other genes harm.

Many of the current scientists who think it's unsafe try, and some of them put the Chinese report as human proof.

The researcher, He Jiankui from Shenzhen, said he had changed embryos for seven couples during pregnant healing, with one child to date. He said that the remedy was not a barrier or a ban on inherited disease, but trying to take into account that there are not many human beings – able to stop HIV infections It may be, a & # 39; AIDS virus in the future.

He said that the involved parents refused to be identified or interviewed, and he would not say where they were living or where the work was done.

Application E has no independent proof, and is not published in a magazine, where other experts would be scratched. He named Monday in Hong Kong and one of the organizers of an international conference on a lamb cutting that is going to begin on Tuesday, and earlier in a special interview with The Associated Press .

"I feel strong that not only does its first place, but also for example," he said to the AP. "The Society's decision to do what next thing" will be about licensing or sending. hindered such science.

Scientists have some experts to listen to the claim and strongly convince him.

It is "inconsistent … a test on people who are not moral or ethical," said Dr. Kiran Musunuru, genealogical expert of the University of Pennsylvania, producer editor and editor of journalism magazine.

"This is too fast," said Dr. Eric Topol, head of the Scripps Research Translation Institute in California. "We are dealing with a person's operating instructions. It's really big."

However, one famous genetic scientist, George George, led to Harvard University, trying to generate for HIV, calling it "the greatest health risk of its growing and growing population."

"I think this is right," said Church about that goal.

In recent years scientists have arranged a simple comparison for generating genes, which DNA sequences manage; body. The device, known as CRISPR-cas9, enables DNA to operate to provide a necessary genealogy or cause any problem.

A recent attempt has been made in adults to kill fatal diseases, and the changes are restricted to that person. The preparation of sperm, eggs or embryos is different – the changes can be owned. In the USA, it is only allowed for research. China prevents people's clone but is not a special generator; there.

He made Jiankui (HEH JEE-a-qway), who works with "JK," at the University of Rice and Stanford in the US before returning to his country to work- opened anchor at the Southern of China University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, where it also has two generating companies.

He was a US scientist who worked with him; this project after returning to China to become a physiologist and bioengineering, Michael Deem, who had been a councilor at Rice in Houston. We also adhere to the so-called "small stake" – and it is on the scientific advisory boards – He has two companies.

The Chinese researcher said he had been preparing mice, monkey and human invitations in the laboratory for several years and has submitted applications for his ways.

He said he chose a gen embryo for HIV because these diseases are a major problem in China. He tried to defend a race known as CCR5 that his & her; Creating a protein door that allows HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, to enter your cell.

Each man had HIV in the project and there were not all women, but the generation did not aim to prevent the small danger of spreading, he said. The disease has to deepen the transformations with normal HIV treatment medicines and simple methods are maintained from the fact that people who are infected. including gender change.

Instead, the appeal appealed to couples that HIV affected them to give a child; could be protected from similar appearance.

He hired pairs through a Beijing-based AIDS advocacy group called Baihualin. The director, identified by the name "Bai Hua", told the AP that it is not uncommon for people with HIV to lose work or have difficulty getting medical care if their diseases are published.

Here he described the work:

Gene generation was occurring during IVF, or fertilizer. Initially, a "wash" sperm was separated from seed, the fluid where HIV can sink. One spam was added in one egg to create a vitality. Then a gene generator was added.

When the entrances were 3 to 5 days old, some cells were removed and the inspection was prepared. Couples may choose whether they should use edited or unified practices for complicated efforts. Overall, 16 out of 22 embryos were edited, and 11 embryos were used in six implant attempts before completing the fertility, he said.

Exams have shown that two copies of the generation have changed and the other couple had one change, without evidence of harm to another gene, he said. People with a single copy of the HIV gene can still be found, although some research is very small to show that their health may be able to; slower slower when they do.

Several scientists reviewed the materials it gave to the AP and the tests so far have been enough to say that the editing works or to harm harm.

They also noted evidence that the preparation was not complete and that at least one couple appeared as a break of cells with different modifications.

"It's almost not like to edit" if some of the particular cells have changed, because & # 39; that HIV infection can still exist, said Church.

Church and Musunuru questioned the decision that one of the minds could be used in a tough effort, since Chinese researchers said they knew beforehand that the two copies of the assigned gene has changed.

"In that child, there is almost not enough protection against HIV and still you're bringing that child into the uncertain dangers of safety," said Musunuru.

The use of that center suggests that the key research faculties have been in place; test preparation rather than avoiding this disease, "said Church.

Even though the process of working was formally organized, people with normal CCR5 species respond to higher levels of risk associated with other specific viruses, such as the West Nile, and, die from flu. Because there are many ways to prevent HIV infection and it is very easy to deal with them if it happens, these medical dangers are a cause of concern, said Musunuru.

There are also questions about how he said he went on. He officially gave notice of his work long after he said he started on November 8 on a Chinese record of clinical trials.

It is not clear whether the partners had an understanding of the purpose and dangers and potential benefits. For example, consent forms gave a name to their project as "developing AIDS vaccine".

Rice scientist, Deem, said he was present in China when the partners allowed them and was "completely" thinking they were able to understand the dangers.

He said he was working with him on investigating Rice's vaccine and considering the genes that are like a vaccine.

"It's probably a weakening way to explain it," he said.

The two men are physically experienced and have no knowledge of human clinical tests.

The Chinese scientist, He, said he was personally about making the goals clear and he told the partners who have never been investigated genealogy and risk behavior. He also stated that he would also provide insurance for all children who were in receipt of insurance. grow through the project and improve medical continuity planning so that Children 18 and longer if they agree once they are adults.

More and more attempts are carried out; continue to monitor the safety of this person and that experts in the field emphasize it, but participants have not been advised in advance that they would not be able to try their contribution to it, for a & # 39; first time, he did not know it Free free cure was part of the contract offered to them.

He asked for and approved for his project from Shenzhen Harmonicare Women's and Children's Hospital, not one of the four hospitals he said to affect the research or heavy efforts.

Some of the staff at some of the other hospitals were held in the dark about the nature of the research, which he said and I assumed that some of the people who participated in HIV disease have been discharged.

"We believe that this is funny," said Lin Zhitong, a Harmonicare administrator who guides; ethical panels

Any medical practitioner who was diagnosed with samples could be in HIV, he said. An embryologist in the laboratory, Qin Jinzhou, confirmed to the AP that he did a sperm and washed and washed; Generating a Gene Generator in some of the child's pregnant efforts.

He's not the experts in the survey partners, he said, but "they have so many authorities on what's right and what's wrong because their lives are on the line."

"I think this is going to help the families and their children," he said. If it causes any consequences or damages that you do not want, "I would have the same thing that they will do and it will be my responsibility."

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