Humboldt Observers Broncos injured "beautifully beautiful" for a ice reunion


CALGARY – Seven months after they have done both paralysis in a disastrous bus crash, Humboldt Broncos, Ryan Straschnitzki and Jacob Wasserman co-peers co-peers are right.

Straschnitzki, defender, and Wasserman, a supporter, who was eventually played in April through the Hocaidh League Saskatchewan play.

But a Hackock team season was cut short when an accident crashed between the Broncos bus and a half-tractor at a rural area of ​​16 people leaving 13 injured injuries.

The two young lads have been really involved in the disaster, which broke out Straschnitzki's paralysis from the coffin and Wasserman down the snow.

Both have turned to hockey a shell to keep their dream alive, and they were invited to take part in a short showcase at the University of Denver on Friday.

"We're going to the NCAA game and you know that Wasserman's father and hits are – to play a hockey college or a hockey and it's really exciting," said Straschnitzki .

"At the time of war, we play a little hockey jacket play, so this is the first time I'm on the left with Wasserman since then in the & # 39; April, so I'm very handsome. "

The scrimmage will be during its first extended time of the National Athletics Association game between the Heads of Denver Heads and Friarsan Providence.

The weekend also includes a & # 39; leaving his NHL Colorado Avalanche game as well as a & # 39; Attending the NFL game with the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

Straschnitzki is extremely encouraging about the ice reconstruction.

"It's going to be interesting, exciting, full of feelings, but I'm happy that I have. We've been seriously injured and we're there for each other," he said.

"We're going through the same thing right now and, if we have a backdrop, I think one day we get through."

The invitation came to Denver from The Dawg National Hockey Foundation, a charity that helps adult hockey players and their families in emergency times as a result of illness or illness.

"It will be true, very good," said Marty Richardson, senior director of Dawg National.

Straschnitzki played in a hockey sledge charity game in Calgary in September. He is using four nights a week and aims to represent Canada at Olympics; Winter.

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