Humenni nursery children received a new playground


The town is trying to build another three.

21 November 2018 at 13:22 SITA

HUMENNÉ. A new playground was added this week with a nursery school from Družstevná (MŠ) Drimmering School in Humenné.

This is one of the four girls in which the town agreed to be; building the playground.

In addition to Družstevná Kindergarten, they should also be invited to attend MŠ Štefánikova, MŠ Osloboditeľov and MŠ Tyršova MŠ.

Michaela Dochánová told him from a news release about the Town Hall.

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Behaviors, colorful and multi-useful

As stated, most of the elements in the playground are made of rubber material.

This hedgehog is designed for indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

"It is a benefit that it strikes with mechanical damage and shooting, and so it is very appropriate as a child element. At the same time, this material is colorful, and. attracting the smallest attention, "explained Dochánová.

The children's playground has 100 square meters of influence, where 90% of the game elements, such as the bedroom, affect the & # 39; a playground, a slug, an elephant and a house that has the surface designed specifically for drag.

"In addition to this, small mushrooms are used to sit for children on the outside and outside range. Other game points have their impact the cavalry and small rocks outside the area, "said Dochánová.

She said that the game elements help children in the moving activities that are important in the secondary classes.

Special research needs to be done on specific material

These children's play areas have been suitable for children for 2 years.

"They are subject to review control as they are a special material for rubber gear. Five year surveys are given to the playground," said Dochánová.

The elements of quality have a quality qualification and the manufacturer will take care of the service after a while; warranty.

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