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Play: Block users on several of their biggest game titles.

Activision Blizzard is said to be active in & # 39; divide that includes hundreds of staff who; missing their work.

Restructuring and centralization

The reason is that its company has a & # 39; get rid of so many staff, among other things, recent retired recruitment numbers.

According to Bloomberg, the bids will be completed as early as the Next Two, ie February 12. The restructuring objective and business industry are the main purpose of making jobs more profitable.

The stock fell after the marriage divorced of Bhungie

Both OverWatch and Hearthstone, according to reports, have been familiar with recent users. Activison has also lost a significant partner in Destiny, after the recent Bungie division.

The divorce divorced as a result of the disappointment of sales figures for Destiny 2: Forsaken. The news has created that teams have leaked the republican parties on the stock exchange, where they have received their. The company declined by 7 per cent in the repository.

You have to cut costs – they have to go

Activision Blizzard has set its focus on creating more games in the future, and cost reduction.

According to Kotaku, the most upcoming layoffs will be in areas that are not involved in the development of games. People who are responsible for publishing, marketing and selling may have their ad and their email address. company left.

Sad time

Despite the fact that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was one of the best selling games in 2018, Activision Blizzard also opposed some controversial issues created by many poor PRs. The final disaster, the mobile game Diablo was named Immortal, which caused complaints among the fans of the Diablo game series, as it was. Most hope that Diablo 4 would be announced.

In addition, a number of senior managers have recently left their company.

Basic changes within Blizzard cause concern to staff, we wrote a few months ago. Stocks in the company say that there is a deadly conflict between the finance department and the developers, where the ones who have died. Previously, according to the reports, which continue to be & # 39; make decisions for its company.

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