Hundreds of housekeeping officers, landlords are still a "hug" apartment


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Huynh Duc Tho, Chairman of the Danang People's Committee, has been trying to submit a message that has been posted. Completion of the review of the implementation of policies and laws in the management, settlement and use of a company property associates at the Company. Apartment Management (now Housing Management Center and Da Nang Management). As a result of this decision, over 500 cases of administrators and civil servants will be settled and they will use the room against rules.

Da Nang: Hundreds of officers have houses, there are still landlords

There are many arrangements in the design of the room in the Son Tra area (Da Nang). Photograph: Ngoc Pho

The results of the analysis of files, agreement and settlement of rooms of 1,324 civil lawyers and civil servants and apartments are between 1997 and 2017, and show that 169 cases deal with a house (including a spouse) in the Da Nang town.

In 306 cases where the existing room has been rented from 2 parcels of land or more under the ownership (including a spouse), there are 20 cases have been removing the room out of one parcel or more land under their land Before the time of the inspection at the end of March 2018. Of the 152 that is no longer a cause social housing.

In the shape of the room there are hundreds of cases of non-qualified staff. In particular: the condominium management company is voluntarily made for changes and removal of addresses according to the application for a change of 132 cases; It was not settled in accordance with the original decision of the Household People Committee.

25 cases of rent arrears over 3 months, but the regulatory unit does not complete its & # 39; contract and want a collection of land. The company has not expanded on lease agreements when 155 cases are in accordance with each other, it is not in accordance with the Ministry of Construction regulations.

Not to complete the & # 39; contract, suggesting that the room be withdrawn and reported to the relevant authority to deal with 98 cases in the wrong place and not consistently.

There were 61 rent cases on the furniture without agreement from the Village House Committee, 6 cases of two self-contained rooms for use; Of these 5 cases were reported at the Vung Thung place and one was in a room at Nai Hien Dong 2. In that, the volunteer diversity company's director committed the cost effectiveness of 1.5 units of furniture in 3 cases when it was not agreed with the appropriate authority, no case that does not get the referee has been resolved, but it does not; company to inform the People's Committee; Baile to take steps to address the regulations. After that, the company backed up arrangements in another room for this person without having a & # 39; granted permission.

Three cases have been agreed by the Town House Committee to buy land for housing, but it does not. The company is reporting to restore the furnished furniture, which has not been implemented by the Town Householder Committee.

There were 17 cases where tenants had leased leases and 10 others were locked. There were eight issues where the furniture was empty and there were 13 other cases. often live.

The survey also received 132 issues of address reform without a written agreement from the Household People's Committee. The company's director will have a & # 39; punish itself on the application of the item and on ballot members' ballot papers.

Some of the reasons that persist to fitting the furniture are unsuitable, partly due to & # 39; There is no licensing process to allow room configuration to be & # 39; Bhaile, organized for people to stay in everyone. In the period 1997 to the end of 2012, in the period 1997 to the end of 2012, the staff of the HCM City People Committee, the Home Office of the Public Office; Procedure, prepared to Head of the People's Committee, permits the document to agree or disagree; accepting rental arrangements. In 2013, the Town Council's Office is a group to get, & # 39; confirmation and proof of agreement for rental arrangements at home.

From 2014 to 2017, the Labor Department, Invalids and Social Issues have been designated for the approval, classification, confirmation and approval of landfill. However, there are 5 cases that do not guarantee the reasons for family registration and this year's work is less than 10 years, and get a family, build children …

Following the investigation, the Danang City Chair of the Building Department requested a detailed review of the housing status and applicant's land for furniture before advising the town for approval and preparation. The Building Department sets out two cases together and reviewed 61 cases where the company rented the place without the permission of directors to complete. town.

Ask Da Nang Housing Administration and Expansion Center to contribute significantly to the content of the search results and report the results within 30 days.

The Da Nang Committee Chairman also called on the groups and the units have lets to review the people for others in the wrong.

A review of the issues rented from the town is now unsuitable for situations, standards or not related to the purpose of a leased house under the State's property, to advise to the People's Committee; Town come to a decision to get the base back there are blocks of rooms rented.

Ngoc Pho

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