Hundreds of millions of dollars were damaged


It is a half-billion triple chart in Hanoi. Photograph: Dan Viet Newspaper

It is a half-billion triple chart in Hanoi. Photograph: Dan Viet Newspaper

It is a half-billion triple chart in Hanoi

According to information posted in the Dan Viet newspaper, at the exhibition in Dong Mo (Hanoi), Mr Pham Tuong Minh's roster (50, Hoang Mai, Hanoi) has been on & # 39 get attention of everyone.

Mr Pham Tuong Minh said that the board is made of green greens or also a hedgerow that is used to cover large earth walls of the world such as the Kremlin and its Russian Winter Palace .

We know that the iterary stone is related to its & # 39; A hard rocking group – the cliffs have a hard scale of more than 5, the glass can not be cut quickly, with a good force, but the pressure is not so small.

To make more than 150 pieces to make the surface of the board, Mr Minh spent more than 3 years ago; 400 kilometers away from overseas and another half-year for choosing and compiling pieces. The work is about 70 cm in diameter, with a weight of less than 80 kg, the owner's value of 500 million.

Nguyen Van My, president of the Vietnam Rock and Stone Society, said that in July there was a 10cm, hard measure in July; board "and so it is not possible to say that the work is stable, the impact of external forces, if strong strength does not work on something harder."

The chicken board & # 39; paid hundreds of millions

The Vietnam Quality Newspaper in recent years has said that many traders and collectors have been hunting for a "hen harrier" made of cold copper. The price of old and old tablets is from hundreds of millions to billions.

Buyers also know old jewelry how they can make a difference whether the chickens are correct or not. boil water (200 ml water / 1 g copper). The water is boiling, the hen is boiled and boiled for 30 minutes, and Boil water and can reach it until it gets the hen out.

The board is hundreds of millions paid to the hen. Picture: Vietnam Quality Report

Hundreds of millions were paid on the "chicken board". Picture: Vietnam Quality Report

Those who knew the sharing of copper said that the mill is now on a market well, however, it is the only board; in a French representation to enter Vietnam for the first time 12 holes, a weight exceeding 3kg and a block The amount of chicken is about 2 cranes made of cold copper. The remaining one is 2.5kg with 9 holes and the 1.3kg with 8 holes on the side is made further and is not needed.

When asked about the cost of their bill to & # 39; use and output of the product, a & # 39; Most of the products and the actors are troublesome and they do not know exactly what they use. Many people argue that a cold base is so expensive because the low heat content that should be used to discharge heat in the aerospace and to make some miniatures, microbiots for anti-earthquake .

Cycling "his grandmother" worth hundreds of millions

Recently, Vietnam's Vietnam Baked International Car Exhibition in Hanoi has collected more than 100 kinds of domestic materials and modules and models introduced from Malaya, Thailand and China. National …

In addition to the famous car signals, the most important feature of the exhibition is the collection of more than 40 Peugeot (France) old cars of the Hanoi Cycling Association.

In a collection, the oldest car is over 100 years old, and the smallest car is also near 40 years. Seller price according to the type but most for an exhibition, the most expensive thing the investor has at the $ 11,000 exhibition, the price of many cars at more than 100 million.

An old car with Alcyon brand, who bought it in Holland. The car is available for $ 11,000.

Mr Nguyen Khuong, owner of the car, said the car was using a two stroke engine. He bought it in 2007, it was released in 1910. Vehicles are double-stitched, somewhat rare for bicycles.

Theo Hạnh Vũ

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